Girl power! 5 fantastic trips for women in 2022

From climbing a mountain with an all-women team to immersing yourself in a country's local culture, these are the top trips female travellers should have on their radar for 2022...

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With solo travel for women increasing in popularity, tour operators are responding to the demand and introducing more female-focused expeditions. If you’re travelling alone, considering an itinerary made with women in mind can be the one of the best ways to experience a country, meet like-minded travellers and immerse yourself in the local cultures from a woman's perspective. Here, we select some of the stand out trips in 2022 and beyond, from climbing a mountain in Switzerland to exploring the iconic sites of Peru.

Walk an ancient pilgrim route in Bhutan

Travellers will visit Bumthang (Trans Bhutan Trail)

Travellers will visit Bumthang (Trans Bhutan Trail)

Experience one the world's most epic walking trails with an all-female team. Opening this spring for the first time in 60 years, the Trans Bhutan Trail is an ancient pilgrimage which stretches 400km across the whole of Bhutan. The newly launched 12-day Women’s Adventure and will allow travellers to explore the country’s awe-inspiring landscapes and iconic monasteries, such as the Punakha Dhong and the Tiger’s Nest.

As well as experiencing the best of the trail, guests will also be able to appreciate Bhutan's areas of expertise which are led by women, such as crafts and textiles. Another highlight includes a visit to Tsumalaphy Nunnery and the Pema Choling Nunnery, to meet the women and girls here and learn about Nyingma Peling Buddhist traditions.

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See Peru from a women's perspective

See the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu (Intrepid Travel)

See the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu (Intrepid Travel)

Explore Peru’s most famed sites while also gaining a deeper understanding on the life of women in Peru. On this eight-day expedition, travellers will spend time trekking and camping along the Incra Trail, and also witness the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu.

Guests will take a walking tour of Lima and visit a food stall owned by a local woman, fill up with delicious snacks while also gaining insight into how her business has supported her family. Other highlights include learning about the importance of weaving to the female community in Umasbamba’s Sacred Valley, and dining at Mama Seledonia's in Cusco, a restaurant which supports single mothers and others from underprivileged backgrounds.

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Explore female-focused Cambodia

Sunset on the moat of Angkor Thom (Wix Squared)

Sunset on the moat of Angkor Thom (Wix Squared)

Float down the Mekong River, cycle around the island of Ko Okanha, and enjoy tea with a princess. All this and much more is possible on this special itinerary perfect for first time female travellers in Cambodia.

This trip will allow guests to embrace Cambodia’s cultural, charitable and culinary side. A top female guide will lead the trip, with guests able to take in sights such as the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap from a women’s perspective. Visit female artists on a private studio tour and get an insight into what influences their work, dine at a restaurant managed by female staff and head chefs, and experience charitable afternoons witnessing women’s empowerment and leadership within the community.

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Experience the highlights of Egypt

Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx (Shutterstock)

Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx (Shutterstock)

Tour operator G Adventures has recently revealed its appointment of ten CEOs across its Middle East and North Africa region, including Egypt. For women (and men) who take the Highlights of Egypt tour, they will have the opportunity to explore the country's top cultural sights with the guidance of new female CEO, Maryam Hafez.

Travellers will gain a deeper understanding of the attractions seen on the tour, including the Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx in Cairo, and ancient temples in Aswan and Luxor. Exploring Egypt’s geography, culture and archelogy, this adventure is too epic to miss.

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Climb to great heights in Switzerland

Woman climbing to the top of Breithorn (Shutterstock)

Woman climbing to the top of Breithorn (Shutterstock)

Seeking a more challenging trip? Head to Switzerland for the chance to be part of an all female group and learn the ropes of mountaineering.

This two-day trip, named Alpine Tour for Beginners, will allow women to immerse themselves in the snow-topped jagged peaks and find out all the tips and tricks of alpine climbing. A female guide will lead the trip to the summit of Breithorn, more than 4,000m above sea level, where mountaineers can then take in the spectacular landscape of Monte Rosse Massif.

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