The best apps to take with you on a trip this summer (Dreamstime)
List 24 June

7 travel apps for summer

There's an app for app-solutely everything these days. We've trawled through them all to bring you the best apps to take with you on your next adventure

1. LoveThis (free, iPhone)

LoveThis can be described as ‘your little black book of recommendations’. It stores all those great tips (from cafes, bars, hotels, attractions, restaurants and more) you get from friends and family in easy-to-access (and share) lists. So you no longer have to worry about trying to find where you put that scrap of paper with the name of that beach bar your cousin told you about... Simply open the app and look it up.

2. Pack the Bag (free, iPhone)

Make sure you don’t start (and potentially end!) your holiday with the stress of forgetting something important. Pack the Bag allows you to easily create personalised lists to ensure you have everything you need. It even allows you to import and export lists via Dropbox and email. So there is no excuse to forget your passport ever, ever again.

3. Pocket (free, iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindle)

Pocket lets you store websites and articles on your phone so that when you lose connection during your journey or on the beach, you can still catch up on what you didn’t have time to read in the departure lounge. Some call it the Pinterest for reading. Worth a look if you aren’t one for reading full books on your device.

4. JetLag Genie (£1.99, iPhone)

Only the luckiest travellers among us are fortunate enough to not be affected by jet lag. And for those with tight schedules nothing is worse than missing out on the splendours of travel than being half asleep during the visit. But there’s an app for that! JetLag Genie helps you plan your sleeping habits before, during and after a trip to minimise jet lag. It even gives tips on how much sunlight to expose yourself to.

5. Wood Camera (£1,99, iPhone)

It may not be half as well known as Instagram, but those who have played with Wood Camera are usually completely smitten. The ‘Vintage Photo Editor’ has more options and extras than Instagram, including allowing you to view through filters while taking pictures. It lacks the social sharing aspect of Instagram, but more than makes up for it with its deeper offering of technical features – perfect for budding travel photographers.

6. Kindle Reader (free, all major mobile devices supported)

Many people aren’t aware you don’t need a Kindle to enjoy the e-book experience. The free Kindle Reader app allows you access to the vast Kindle library. For those who have a Kindle and don’t want to lug it to the beach, you can also sync the app with your personal library. Meaning one less expensive thing to worry about dropping in the sand.

7. Space Junk Pro (£2.99 iPhone, Android, iPad)

Many of us never get to see the stars in the night sky as the light pollution of our home town or city blot the view. However, on holidays we often find ourselves free to view the full majesty of the sky. Sadly, most of us can’t tell our Great Bear from our Big Dipper. Space Junk Pro uses your location and the time to give you a pinpoint explanation of what shines above you. A great way to learn something while enjoying yourself.

Andreas Bernstrom is from Rebtel – a company which offers travellers a cheap way to call home while on the road. Their free calling apps can help you keep in contact with those you care about back home, wherever you are in the world.