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Highlights from MyWanderlust this week

Introducing the Turkmenbashi Disneyland and an insider's guide to Lebanon

Kite flying in Kabul (Sergeant Pluck)

Welcome to 'From the Editor' your guide to the questions, experiences and forums posted on myWanderlust this week.

Summerchick asked for advice on visiting Lebanon and Daedalus came back with the goods. From advice on local bars in Hamra through to tips on the cheapest way to get into central Beirut from the airport, Daedalus's extensive advice covers all the bases. If you're heading to Lebanon any time soon you could do worse than print off her suggestions and take them with you. You'll find the forum post here.

Similarly. we're looking to the myWanderlust community for advice about visiting Mt Kinabalu. We're putting together a feature about endangered destinations and have heard that South-East Asia's highest peak is reaching breaking point. Have you been recently? How did you find it? Tell us here.

The World is Mine! says he prefers the wilder side of nature. It's a good day out for him when he can look out and say “If I was here 10,000 years ago I would be looking at exactly the same view!". Personally, I like the odd crumbling ruin. It's a reminder that no matter how clever or important we think we are nature always reclaims her own. But what do you think? Are you more attracted to countryside shaped by man or wilderness shaped by nature? Join the debate here.

Vicki Red reckons she's got another 70 years before she kicks the bucket. But that hasn't stopped her putting together an extensive list of things she wants to do before her time comes. What's more, she wants to know what's on yours. Add it here.

I've been suckered going into Disneyland Paris this weekend so I was keen to read about Tom Coote's experience at Turkmenistan's equivalent, The Land of Fairytales. It seems $50 million doesn't get you much of a theme park. But at least you don't have to shell out 20 euros for a few chicken nuggets and chips. You'll find more about Turkmenistan's favourite half-term attraction here.

Elsewhere in the Experiences section of myWanderlust, Ehalford gets star struck washing elephants in Chitwan National Park. And David Ross takes up Air NZ's offer of a free stopover in Fiji on his way back from Auckland to find a land of palm fringed beaches, dodgy taxis and a young Queen Elizabeth smiling from the banknotes. His advice? Keep away from the Yaqona.

Happy travels!

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