8 nature and wildlife-themed livestreams (and groups) to join now

If you're missing getting out into nature, going birdwatching or admiring the world's wildlife, try one of these lockdown-friendly livestreams and social groups instead...

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1. Chris Packham’s 'Springwatch' and Self-Isolating Bird Club

Every weekday morning at 9am, wildlife TV presenter and conservationist Chris Packham is hosting a homespun Springwatch, if you like, live on Facebook.

He's joined by his stepdaughter, zoologist Megan McCubbin, and other guests pop in via video from their own lockdown locations.

The popularity of the livestreams has grown so much, Chris and Megan are now running the Self-Isolation Bird Club, encouraging members to share bird sightings from their windows and gardens. Uplifting for any birdwatcher twitching (get it?) to get back to nature.

Follow Chris on Facebook or Twitter to watch the livestreams, or join the Self-Isolating Bird Club here or on Twitter.

2. See the Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough

A hidden gem if we ever saw one. Yes, there exists a website where Sir David Attenborough takes you on an interactive journey through Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Apparently, the videos featuring Sir David were created to promote his 2015 BBC series, Reef. They're accompanied by an interactive map, infographics and classic imagery of the corals. Not quite a livestream, but still worth a watch.

Watch the videos

3. Ben Fogle’s Instagram Adventure Class

Ben Fogle's been using Instagram Live to prepare a travel-focused livestream suitable for the whole family: The Adventure Class!

Each class explores a new theme, and is filmed live from his children's treehouse. His little ones, Iona and Ludo, often appear in the videos, too.

Great if you've got mini adventurers to entertain, or a wonderful watch if you're a Ben Fogle fan. Times and dates vary, so keep an eye on his posts for info on the next class.

Join on Instagram



4. Monty Halls' World Tour Webinar

Keen to experience island life with Monty and his family? (Monty Halls)

Keen to experience island life with Monty and his family? (Monty Halls)

Another family-friendly endeavour, join Galápagos presenter Monty Halls on various world journeys streamed to fans as a free webinar.

You'll get to enjoy some of the world's greatest destinations from the comfort of your home, with Monty as your guide. Dates for the next webinar are TBC, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled if you want to join the next one.


More details on Twitter

5. Explore.org's nature cams

Explore’s live nature cams are some of the best. Head to YouTube or explore.org to watch everything from a live feed of an eagle's nest (above), peek in on the world's oceans, and follow elephants in Africa.

Perhaps best known for their live bear cams, you can meet Katmai National Park's brown bears, watch panda bears in China's Wolong Valley Nature Reserve, and if you're lucky, even polar bears!

Explore the livestreams

6. Steve Backshall's Live Wildlife Homeschool

Got a question for TV presenter and naturalist Steve Backshall? Join him on Twitter on Wednesdays at 9.30am, and he might just share the answer.

Top tip: if you head to Steve's YouTube channel, you may just find a few extra livestreams throughout the week...

Join in on Twitter

7. The Wildlife Trust’s UK livestreams

See puffins from your own home (Shutterstock)

See puffins from your own home (Shutterstock)

Whatever your favourite UK-based bird species, The Wildlife Trust has a (seasonal) live webcam stream for you.

Like Scottish ospreys? There's a livestream for you. Interested to see the peregrine falcons in Nottingham Trent Universit? There's a livestream for that. There are barn owls in Dorset, kittiwakes in Newcastle and the island of Burhou's puffins.

See the webcams

8. Get Google Earth’s Chrome extension

A snapshop of Google Earth View (Shutterstock)

A snapshop of Google Earth View (Shutterstock)

The low option effort for anyone who wants a nature fix without commitment, or can't - for whatever reason - follow along with the livestreams live.

Google Earth's Chrome plug-in transports you to new landscapes, showcasing a new photo every time you open up a tab on your laptop or desktop. 

Get the Chrome extension

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