The 13 best insect-repellent clothes and accessories

From annoying midges to malaria-carrying mosquitos, if you're headed somewhere where insects are biting, you need the right clothes, accessories and essentials to protect you from potential bites...

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The best insect-repelling clothing on the market

1. Kathmandu Kanching buzzGUARD Trousers, £35*

These Kathmandu trousers-turned-shorts are infused with insect repellent.

They also feature colour-coded zips to make reattaching the legs easy, articulated knees (great for hiking) and a moisture control fabric to keep you cool.

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2. Craghoppers NosiLife Lounge Pant, £60*


These trousers are constructed using soft jersey fabric with moisture control for maximum comfort.

The waist is a drawstring fastening so you can get a good fit and adjust to make it looser – they also feature UPF 50+ sun protection and four pockets including one hidden zipped one that’s ideal for storing your passport.

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3. Rohan Trail Socks, £15

It’s easy to forget about your feet when thinking of mossies, but get a bite on your foot and it can be unbearable.

These socks are made with Insect Shield to help deter the biters while also offering a cooling fabric, invisible toe seams and added stretch for comfort.

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4. Rohan Trail Hooded Top, £70*

Made with Insect Shield treatment and a UPF 40+ fabric, this hoodie is ideal for cooler climates.

It’s stretchy, lightweight, quick-drying and has a zipped security pocket on the side.

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5. Royal Robbins Bug Barrier Exped L/S Shirt, £70*

Fine for formal, but made for trails.

A mesh at the back helps regulate your temperature, it’s wicking, quick-drying and has UPF 40+ protection.

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6. Jack Wolfskin Lakeside Mosquito Hat, £45

If you want to protect your face, this hat has a net that can be zipped away when not needed.

The fabric is made from a tight weave to prevent bug bites, a UPF 40+ fabric and an adjustable chin strap.

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The best insect-repelling accessories

7. Go Travel Bug Guards, £10

If you are prone to being bitten these wrist/ankle bands contain a concentrated insect repellent that is released slowly, giving you a sort-of repelling halo to protect you for up to 100 hours.

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8. Jack Wolfskin Lakeside Mosquito Gaiters, £30

Stop the bugs getting up your trouser legs on hikes with these very breathable ankle gaiters.

They are impregnated with repellent, offer UPF 30+ protection, are wind and water resistant and are easy to fit with a zip and drawcord fastening.

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9. Craghoppers NosiLife Sarong, £30

Whether you use it as a sheet, a blanket, a skirt, a dress or David Beckham-style man-sarong – the choice is yours.

But this lightweight, soft-to-touch, insect repelling, moisture controlling option is the one for beachside destinations where insects linger.

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10. Buff UV Insect Shield BUFF, £22.50

Not only does this neck tube convert into 13 different items (neckerchief, hat, headband, wristband – to name a few) but this one also offers 95% protection from harmful UV rays.

It's also long-lasting (70 washes) and odour-free insect repellent built in to protect from ants, flies, chiggers, midges, mosquitos and ticks.

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The best camping gear for repelling insects 

11. Lifesystems Bed Bug Sheet, £14


Not all bugs fly. An increasing problem when travelling can be the dreaded bed bugs.

Protect yourself from them with this double size sheet made with EX8 impregnation to repel them.

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12. Lifesystems Arc Self Supporting Mosquito Net, £40


This mozzie net has a lightweight aluminium frame so you can use it on most beds – single and double – with no need for hanging points.

It’s impregnated with repellent and has two zipped entrances.

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13. Mountain Warehouse Lantern and Mosquito Killer, £40

This multi-tasking, water-repellent light not only has three brightness settings and a UV light to attract and kill mozzies (runs for 30 hours) but also lets you to charge (via USB) your phone. Genius.

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3 more bug-beating tactics

As well as using gear that’s designed to protect you from biting insects there are a few other things you can do to reduce the risk of getting bitten.

Consider your colours


For some reason the little biters (in particularly mosquitos) are attracted to dark colours such as blue and black so go for lighter colours such as beige, white or khaki, which, as an added bonus, will also help keep you cool in the sun.

Think about what you drink

Very sugary drinks will attract wasps and flies, but if you are longing for sugar go for lemon (notice that a lot of natural repellent includes citronella) to improve your chances of enjoying your meals bug-free.

Check the time


Mosquitos (much like photographers) like the early morning and early evening, essentially dawn and dusk, so if you’re heading outside with your camera to capture sunrise or sunset be sure not to skimp on the repellent. 

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