Quiz: Are you hooked on travel?

Answer these quick questions to find out whether you need to say: "Hi. My name's Bob and I'm a travelholic"

7 mins

1.  Do you often feel depressed, moody or irritable when not travelling?

2. Do you fantasise about travel when you’re not on a journey?   

3.  Do you often form relationships with people you meet on your travels?   

4. Do you believe your work has suffered because of your determination to travel?   

5.  In the past year, have you ever done anything on your travels you regret doing?   

6. While travelling, do you often find yourself planning your next journey?

7.  Have you lied to friends or family about how much money you spend on travel?

8. Do you enjoy travel less than you used to?

9.  Have your friends and family ever suggested that you travel too much?

10.  Have you ever tried to cut back on the amount you travel and failed?

Ready for the results?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these...

A 12-step recovery plan might be in order – but you’re probably not addicted. Scientists believe that addiction is a chronic, treatable disorder that affects our mesolimbic dopamine systems, a part of the brain we cannot consciously control.

Addiction starts because the first use of a drug triggers a rush of dopamine. The brain enjoys this rush so much that it wants to repeat the experience. No studies have yet proved that travel generates this kind of addiction-fuelling dopamine rush on any significant scale.

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