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Quiz: How well do you the world’s most amazing aqueducts?

Consider yourself an expert on the world’s aqueducts? From Roman ruins to modern wonders this fun quiz is engineered to challenge!

The Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain (Shutterstock)

1. When the Pont du Guard aqueduct in France fell into disrepair in the Middle Ages, what did the local monks use it for?

A diving board

A handy source of stone

A place of solitude

A footbridge to cross the river

2. The Valens aqueduct was the longest single water supply system in the ancient world. Which metropolis did it serve?





3. The Nazca aqueducts in Peru feature an unique spiral design. What was the nickname the locals gave them?

Whirlpool Waterways

Tear Catchers

Water Eyes

Circles of Life

4. Which Spanish aqueduct, built by the Romans, is known locally as the ‘Devil’s Bridge’?

Aqueduct of Segovia

Les Ferreres, Tarragona

Aqueduct of Sexi

Rambla de Carcauz, Almeria

5. Hampi aqueduct is regarded as one of the most sophisticated aqueducts outside of the Roman world. Where will you find it?

Sri Lanka




6. This aqueduct also serves as a road bridge and a passageway for the local trout. Where is it?

Dunfermiline, Scotland

Tokaanu, New Zealand

Alberta, Canada

Jindabyne, Australia

7. This park featuring the remains of seven ancient aqueducts is a popular day trip from which Italian city?





8. The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Wales is an Industrial Age masterpiece. How many cast iron spans does it have?





9. As well as providing water, what else did the Incans use the Tambomachay aqueduct near Cusco for?

To wash away human blood

As a kind of spiritual spa

To heat housing

To cure llama wool

10. Which of these countries does NOT have the remains of a Roman aqueduct?




Trick question. They all do.

11. Where will you find the remains of a kariz, an underground aqueduct, built during the reign of Alexander the Great?

Nurota, Uzbekistan

Cappadocia, Turkey

Aleppo, Syria

Macedonia, Greece

12. The beautifully-preserved aqueduct in Segovia, Spain has 165 arches. How many granite blocks were used to build it?

1.5 million




13. The Central Arizona Project is the largest aqueduct in the USA. Which river does it divert water from?

Colorado River

Mississippi River

Yacqui River

Sacramento River

14. Aqua Appia is the oldest known Roman aqueduct. What year was it built?

33 BC

109 AD

312 BC

272 BC

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