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An insider's guide to Amsterdam

Deputy editor-in-chief of 'Winq International' and Amsterdam local Jurriaan Teulings lets you in on the Dutch capital's best kept secrets

Stroopwafels (Wikimedia)

1. Get on your bike

Rent a bike and ride around like a real Dutchman would. It’s fun, and you’ll be surprised how small Amsterdam is.

If you want to explore the countryside a bit, all it takes is a 20-minute ride from the centre, and you’re in the meadows. I often take people on a trip along the Amstel River and, if they’re up for it, I’ll even take them to the next town, Utrecht, three hours away.

2. Dine like a local

The Dutch rarely eat traditional Dutch food. Instead our standard diet, for dinner at least, is often Asian or southern-Mediterranean inspired. Try nasi goreng with sate, Indonesian dishes that have become a national food in the Netherlands, the same way curries have in England.

Indonesian take-out is great too. It’s cheap and really tasty. Try the distinctly Dutch rijsttafel – a combination of several regional Indonesian dishes that you'll never find in Indonesia.

Or, if you're feeling really brave, try Dutch sushi, raw herring, from a local fish stand.

3. Snack like a local

We Dutch love our snacks. Try kroket. It’s only about a euro or two and very yummy. Battered and fried meat stew, essentially. To be enjoyed with mustard. Best enjoyed from a FEBO, a place where the kroket is served automatically from little compartments (the kitchen is behind it). A unique experience.

Also, make sure you check try the stroopwafels at the Albert Cuyp market, where they’re made fresh (warm, they’re the best).

4. Some tips on the Dutch psyche

We understand more German than we like to admit. It’s complicated – partly because of history, partly because Germany is our big brother and we like to appear different.

We are crazy about dropjes, a candy that few foreigners like.

And in summer, we like to pretend that we are latinos and live in Barcelona. It’s the truth.

Jurriaan TeulingJurriaan's tips first appeared on DreamEuroTrip.com, a website curated by DJ Yabis and dedicated to helping backpackers stretch their budget in Europe. Make sure you try the free Euro Trip Budget Calculator.

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