Novi Pazar (Emma Fick)
Blog Words : Blog of the week | 24 February

An illustrated journey through the Balkan mosaic

Our featured blogger, Emma Fick, has been chronicling her travel experiences through exquisite and evocative illustration. This week we follow her through the Balkans.

Balkan Mosaic (Emma Fick)

 Ljubijana Mosaic (Emma Fick)

 Naive Croatian Art (Emma Ficke)

 Tea in the Balkan (Emma Fick)

 Croatian Funicular (Emma Fick)

 Lake Bled Emma Fick)

 Sarajevo Mosque (Emma Fick)

 Backpackers in the rain (Emma Fick)

 Cherga (Emma Fick)

 Croatian Rum (Emma Fick)

Emma Fick (Emma Fick)Emma Fick | Snippets

Hi! I'm 22 years old, currently living and teaching in Serbia. I've been chronicling my travel experiences along the way through illustrations on Tumblr. You can view my work at

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