Journey through ancient Arabia at the Royal Geographic Society

In an exclusive event for Wanderlust members, one of the ancient wonders of Arabia is finally revealed to the modern world

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This October, Wanderlust and the Royal Commission for AlUla will be hosting a special event at Royal Geographic Society to introduce an extraordinary new destination to the modern world.

Tucked away in the remote north-west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, AlUla is perhaps best known for its extraordinary Nabatean ruins, as breathtaking, but more untouched, than those in Petra.

But AlUla is so much more than that. It is a monumental outdoor living museum with awe-inspiring preserved tombs, incredible geological landscapes, rock art and monuments covering 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history.

And with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opening up to international guests, visiting this ancient hidden gem is now a tantalising reality.

The Elephant Stone (Shutterstock)

The Elephant Stone (Shutterstock)

AlUla: A Journey Through Time will feature artefacts about Arabian exploration from the Royal Geographic Society’s almost 200-year-old collection. Awe-inspiring imagery and displays from the Royal Commission for AlUla will showcase vast landscapes of the destination, highlighting both its history and geographical marvels. There will also be colourful stories, first-hand experiences and advice about visiting AlUla from experts, including Wanderlust Editor-in-Chief and CEO George Kipouros.

This exclusive, members-only event will be held at 5.30 pm on the 29 October 2021 at the Royal Geographic Society in Kensington.

You can register for the event here:

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