Fringe Festival (Heather Buckley)
List Words : Lauren Williams | 05 August

8 alternative Fringe Festivals

With Edinburgh Festival Fringe on the not-so-distant horizon, we took a look at fringe festivals across the world that might tickle your fancy

1. Adelaide

The annual open-access multi-arts festival, with a carnival atmosphere, takes place over three weeks all over Adelaide. Held in February and March, Adelaide Fringe presents an internationally renowned festival for artists to present their work and audiences to engage and interact with the arts.

Celebrated for its fresh ideas, risk, imagination, spontaneity and fun, it is the largest arts event Down Under and offers free events for all ages – including a free Opening Night street party.

2. Budapest

Coinciding with the last three days of the Spring Festival in April, the Budapest Fringe Festival is a platform for lesser-known and underground artists from around the world. Held around Pest Broadway, there is music for every possible taste, belly dancers galore and more food and drink than you could imagine.

3. Camden

This year's event is taking place from 1–28 August and boasts a heady mix of experimental theatre, dance and stand-up comedy.

Camden Fringe Festival  has been described as, “A dizzying alternative to the Edinburgh Festival extravaganza – frequently weird, sometimes wonderful and always unpredictable."

Some say it encompasses Camden's personality in one eccentric month.

4. Hollywood

What better place to celebrate the emerging arts than in the heart of Hollywood? Events for this Fringe take place anywhere in the neighbourhood from fully equipped theatres to street corners. The festival embraces the essence of Fringes the world-over with open and uncensored participation.

Taking place annually in June, the festival showcases a home-town atmosphere with unapologetic opinion, underground mentality and a deep passion for the cutting-edge.

5. Prague

Dubbed as “Edinburgh Festival's naughty grandchild”, this event is known for its fun, friendly, intimate atmosphere and is embraced by audiences and performers from around the world. With several shows a night, you could be in for one hell of a cultural roller-coaster in just one evening.

The festival is held in small theatres and bars tucked away amongst the winding cobbled streets in the shadow of the city’s castle, only minutes away from Prague’s main sights.

6. Bangkok/Hua Hin

A festival of elegance and beauty, this Fringe of two cities prides itself on being small and intimate. The festival spreads between two theatres in Bangkok and Hua Hin and hosts a selection of theatrical and musical performances from the weird to the wonderful.

8. Dublin

Absolut Fringe is Ireland's biggest multi-disciplinary arts festival with up to 650 events in 40 venues over 16 days. With categories such as 'Bring your ma', 'Boys/Girls' night out' and 'Radical Ideas', this Guinness-fuelled festival has something for everyone.

The festival boasts the transformation of day-to-day Dublin to a dream factory of great creative talent from around the globe.

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