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A beginner's guide to the madness of Mexico

Aimee Nance is sailing around the world with her family. But it was when they made landfall in Mexico that things got really interesting

Directions for better cell reception (Aimee Nance)

Sail into Mexico and inevitably things are different. They do things differently south of the border. And it’s only now that we’ve become oblivious to things that used to leave us awe-struck.

For the first few days, the kids were flabbergasted every time they saw a half-dozen people squeezed into the back of someone's truck.

"Those people aren't even wearing seat belts!," they’d say.

One of our friends had warned us that things were different in Mexico before we set sail. He’d even come up with a catch-all acronym: T. I. M. This is Mexico.  

So any time we see something that doesn't make much sense, or seems odd or out of place and the girls ask Why?, the answer is always T.I.M. 

I've taken a few pictures of things to illustrate this. As we continue our travels into Central America, I'm sure we’ll see similar things in other countries. But for the moment, in our experience, this is Mexico.

Beach mechanic (Aimee Nance)

Need a little car work done? Head to the beach.

Hardcore tollbooth attendant (Aimee Nance)

Hardcore toll booth attendants. You will pay the 60 peso toll or suffer the consequences!

Scooter Umbrella (Aimee Nance)

Riding through the rain on your scooter? Grab an umbrella, any size will do.

A very public toilet (Aimee Nance)

A public toilet. A very public toilet.

Cell signal directions (Aimee Nance)

It's so much easier to find a signal in Mexico.

Futboll remote (Aimee Nance)

It's easy to find a match in Mexico

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