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9 unfortunately named products from around the world

Nine products where you hope they don't do what it says on the tin

Unfortunately named products

1. Bonka coffee, Spain

Bonka Coffee

Are you sure you're only being invited up for a cup of coffee?

2. Pee Cola, Ghana

Pee Cola from Ghana

At least the side-effects are clearly labelled.

3. Fart Bar, Poland

Fart Bar, Poland

Again, side-effects clearly labelled.

4. Colon washing powder, Spain

Colon Washing Powder, Spain

Lemon-scented freshness. Inside and out.

5. Google toilet paper, Vietnam

Google toilet paper, Vietnam

So that's how they provide you with such targeted results.

6. Plopp Bar, Sweden

Plopp Bar, Sweden

What goes in...

7. Canned Tourist, Poland

Canned Tourist, Poland

In Poland, tourists count as one of their five a day.

8. Toss washing powder, Kenya

Toss washing powder, Kenya

For housewives who do give a toss about their smalls.

9. Bumm ice cream, Croatia

Bumm Ice Cream

Available in all flavours. As long as it's chocolate.

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