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9 more unfortunately named products from around the world

This time suggested by our readers. Warning: Some fruity content past the break

More unfortunately named products

Pocari Sweat

1. Pocari Sweat, Japan

I'm not sure who exactly Pocari is. But it seems the Japanese think his sweat is worth bottling.

Suggested by: Gill Bob

Kickapoo Joy Juice

2. Kickapoo Joy Juice, Malaysia

Surprisingly tasty, according to Steve.

Suggested by: Steve48

Fanny Tuna

3. Fanny Tuna, Peru

Insert your own tawdry joke here.

Suggested by: jackiellis

Spunk Wine Gums

4. Spunk winegums, Denmark

For those who like their sweets to have a bit more vim.

Suggested by: frenchmonkeys

Bimbo Sandwich

5. Bimbo Bread, Peru

A little more air than most

Suggested by: EHalford

Fanny Jam

6. Fanny jam, Peru

Often displayed on the same shelf as Bimbo bread, according to EHalford. We'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Suggested by: EHalford


7. SARS, Australia

Opening can have serious consequences on your health.

Suggested by: Tony James Slater

Plop Choco Pudding

8. Plop Chocolate Pudding, Belgium

Named after the sound it makes hitting the bowl, obviously. (Why? What did you think it was named after?)

Suggested by: Peter Moore

9. Plop Biscuits, Belgium

Perfect for dunking in above-mentioned pudding.

Suggested by: Peter Moore

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