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9 hilarious tourism videos that miss the mark

What were they thinking of?! We love these intentionally - and unintentionally – funny tourism videos from around the world

1. Barcelona, Spain

What makes visitors flock to Barcelona? The food? Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia? The beach? Nope. It's the fountains, apparently.

2. Singapore

This video is so bad that Singapore's tourist board tried to delete all traces of it. But nothing dies on the Internet, so you get to enjoy the stilted dialogue and the surprise twist at the end in all its toe-curling glory.

3. Miami, Florida

Very much a product of its time, featuring hippy chicks wearing cheesecloth and asking 'What colour are you?' I'm the colour of love, it seems.

4. Riga, Latvia

Where people communicate by doing weird things with napkins.

5. Scotland

Questionable singing from Scottish golfers and rugby players. And Sir Chris Hoy. At least Sean Connery had the good sense to do the spoken word bit.

6. Australia

Travel fact: in Australia, a shrimp is a small person not a prawn. Why Paul Hogan offers to throw one on a BBQ for visiting Americans, is never fully explained.

7. Banff, Canada

Just because a photo-bombing squirrel is a hit as an internet meme, doesn't mean it will work as a tourism ad.

8. Newfoundland

A great place for drying your washing, apparently.

9. New Mexico

The aliens love it. 

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