9 crazy coins from around the world

With news the that the Royal Mint will open its doors to the public for the first time in 1,000 years, we celebrate the world's strangest coins

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 Marijuana Coin, Benin

1. Marijuana coin, Benin

Limited to 999 pieces, this silver coin has become a high yielding asset for collectors.

 Sea Breeze, Palu (Wiki Images)

2.  Scent of Paradise coin, Palau

 A scratch-and-sniff coin that smells of coconut. A little bit of Malibu in your pocket.

 Mammoth Ivory Coin, Ivory Coast (Wiki Images)

3. Mammoth ivory coin, Ivory Coast

Apparently, it is illegal to use elephant ivory in currency. But the Ivory Coast was so desperate to pun on their name they turned to the fossilised remains of mammoths instead.

 Pyramid coin, Isle of Man (Wiki Images)

4.  Egyptian pyramid coin, Isle of Man

The world's first pyramid shaped coin. Hell on pockets.

 Pop up Easter Island moai coin (Wiki Images)

5. Pop-up Easter Island Moai coin, Cook Islands

Complete with a pop-out moai that sits vertically in the coin. Monumental.

Motorcycle coins, Somalia (Wiki Images)

6. Motorcycle coins, Somalia

Born to be wild. And totally impractical.


Born Free coin Sierra Leone (Wiki Images)

7. Born Free coins, Sierra Leone

Released to commemorate the birth of Joy Adamson, the author of Born Free, this coin was born to cost $10.

Wildlife coins, Togo (Wiki Images)

8. Holographic wildlife coins, Togo

Using unique prism techniques, the colours of the animals on these coins flash and change as the coin is moved. Glitzy...

Crystal Penguin, South Georgia (Wiki Images)

9. Crystal Penguin coin, South Georgia

Perfect for when your assets are frozen.

Have you come across any strange coins or currency on your travels? Tell us about them in the comments below...

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