8 amazing lavender fields around the world

Want to see stunning fields of purple but put off by the crowds in Provence? Consider these more tranquil – but equally beautiful – options...

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1. Mt Shasta Lavender Farms, Montague, California, USA

It's a view that will quite literally take your breath away – rows of blooming lavender, backed by the imposing mastiff of Mt. Shasta, one of the highest peaks in this part of California.

Open daily between June and August, visitors can cut their own lavender, picnic amongst the ornamental gardens or just simply soak up the views.

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Banstead lavender, Shutterstock

2. Mayfield Lavender, Banstead, UK

Located less than 13 miles from central London, this family run farm in popular with families looking for a bit of fresh air, and wedding photographers looking for the perfect backdrop for their fully decked out clients.

The farm also holds a lavender festival in the middle of July, laying on tractor rides, hog roast and Morris dancers.

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3. Blues Dreamland, Beijing, China

In China, lavender is associated with romance. Recognising a business opportunity, the Blues Dreamland theme park in Beijing planted twenty hectares of the fragrant plant and has been a must-visit destination for Beijing's young lovers ever since.

Located in Beijing's Chaoyang district, the fields are particularly busy during Qixi,  the Chinese equivalent of Valentines Day, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, usually in early August.

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Australia lavender, Shutterstock

4. Warratina Lavender Farm, Victoria, Australia

Situated one hour from Melbourne in the Yarra Valley, this family run farm invites visitors to stroll along the different rows of lavender species and enjoy the views of distant hills across the Dandenong Ranges. 

There's a well-stocked gift shop too, with all kinds of lavender-themed items, including lavender-scented, soft toy koala, available in a fetching shade of, you guessed it, purple.

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5. Goseong Lavender Festival, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Every June, the areas around Eocheon-ri in Goseong-gun are covered with the purple-colored lavender fields. What better time, then, to hold an international lavender festival?

The annual Goseong Lavender Festival offers something for everyone, from lavender themed program and exhibitions, to courses on making lavender perfume and fragrant pouches. There's also lavender foot-bathing, to soothe your aching feet, after a day of trudging through the colourful fields.

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6. Lavender Farm Guest House, Franschhoek, South Africa

Imagine waking in a cottage surrounded by lavender and mountains, the light fragrance of the flowers wafting on the breeze, and a blaze of purple as far as the eye can see. That's the promise the Lavender Farm Guest House in Franschhoek make to visitors each summer. And with Cape Town's fabled vineyards close to hand, it's a view you'll be able to enjoy with a crisp Cap Classique.

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Hokkaido lavender, Shutterstock

7. Furano Lavender Fields, Hokkaido, Japan

Furano's lavender fields attract large numbers of visitors to the region every summer. So many, in fact, that a temporary train station is built each year to give visitors easier access to the farm.

The hillside location affords beautiful views of the Tokachi mountain range and once they are there, visitors can ride through the fields on tractor pulled carts or indulge in a bit of  lavender cutting and flower pressing.

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Croatia lavender, Shutterstock

8. Hvar, Croatia

On Hvar, a Croatian island in the Adriatic sea, lavender grows wild across the hillsides, framed by crumbling stone walls and crystal clear ocean. Locals produce lavender oil in traditional way, and while wildfires destroyed a large portion of the island's lavender, it can still be seen on the old road from Hvar to Grabje. 

The flowers are harvested in July, so beware of local companies offering 'Lavender Tours' later the summer.

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Main image: Strawman in lavender fields in Hokkaido (Shutterstock)

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