7 inspirational videos about family travel

Whether you want to travel the world with your kids or just take them somewhere that will engage and excite them, these videos will give you the information and inspiration to do it

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1. How to travel the world non-stop with five kids 

When their second son was diagnosed with asthma, this German family decided to make a change in their diet and their lifestyle by travelling the world and eating only raw food. In this video they explain how they travel the world non-stop with five young children in tow – and manage to stay fit, healthy and sane.

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2. A family adventure holiday in Morocco

Looking for something exotic, but not too challenging, for your next family trip? This KE Adventure offers 8 days of summits, souks, sand and surf, culminating in a camel ride along an Atlantic beach.

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3. How to parent bravely through travel

Wanderlust's own family travel expert, Melanie Gow, delivers an inspirational TedTalk about how travelling with her two sons has transformed each of them and how you can benefit from parenting bravely.

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4. Travelling in India with 6 kids

This stunningly vibrant video not only shows that it is possible to travel India with six kids, but you'd be mad not to. Colourful temples. Fantastic food. And amazing encounters your children will never forget.

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5. Sailing around the world with a family

This Norwegian family has been sailing around the world for three and a half years, through the Caribbean, the Pacific and back via India. They explain the challenges they face raising a family on the sea as well as the way it has transformed their children's lives and shaped the way they look at the world.

6. Catching the overnight train to Hanoi with kids

This Kiwi family of five are travelling the world for a year. One of their biggest adventures was taking the 33-hour train trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Join them as they ride the rails along the length of Vietnam.

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7. A family adventure in Italy

See what it's like being on a small group family adventure with Exodus. (Hint: It's a lot of fun.)

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Main image: Family with luggage (Shutterstock.com)

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