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7 crazy World Cup songs from around the world

A collection of hilarious songs, penned to celebrate football's biggest carnival. Even if you hate football, you'll love them...

Zinedine Zidane (Vaudeville Smash)

1. Zinedine Zidane – Vaudeville Smash ft. Les Murray

In which robbers wearing Zinedine Zidane masks play keepy-uppy in the convenience store they are about to rob, soundtracked by a roll call of great players, present and past. 

And yes, the infamous head butt of the 2006 world Cup Final is recreated, but this time it is a security guard that feels Zinedine's fury, not Marco Materazzi.

2. No Llores Por Mi Argentina – La Tigresa del Oriente

Former Peruvian hairdresser and viral Internet sensation La Tigresa del Oriente took advantage of a recent trip to Argentina to record a 'reimagining' of  'Don’t Cry For me Argentina' to help motivate Lionel Messi and co in Brazil. Or put them off. It’s hard to tell.

3. Red, White & Blue – The Soccer Gods ft. Alexi Lalas

The cowgirls in their Stetsons and Daisy Dukes may catch the eye in this country-tinged ode to Team USA's highs and lows, but it's the lyrics you'll remember:. “In '98 we lost to Iran, I nearly drove my truck off the Hoover Dam." 


4. Immortal Iran – Arian Band

Speaking of Iran, if it's a bit of 80s electronica with a scorching fiddle break you're after, look no further than this paean to the country's football stars.

5. Noble England – Rik Mayall

In which Rik Mayall appropriates a speech from Shakespeare's Henry V, to motivate a 5-a-side pub team. It's currently climbing up the charts as a tribute to the late comedian, but it doesn't look like the stirring oration is having a similar impact on the national team.

6. Rock Del Mundail – Los Ramblers 

Here's one from the archives, a little rockabilly number put out by Chilean band Los Ramblers to celebrate the 1962 World Cup, held in their country. 

7. Brazil 14 – Israel Lanuza

In which a Nicaraguan guy is buried up to his head while singing encouragement to every team in the world cup, individually and by name, to score lots of goals.

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