Surreal Banknote from Brazil
Blog Words : Weird@Wanderlust | 21 February

7 beautiful and bizarre banknotes from around the world

Eye-catching banknotes from around the world. Which one is your favourite?

Inspired by the $urreal, the mock banknote created in Rio to protest at price rises caused by hosting the upcoming Football World Cup and Summer Olympics, we present a selection of other weird and beautiful banknotes.

Comoros Banknote

Comorian money tree. Sadly bare.

Dutch guilders. No longer throwing light on Dutch finances.

Squirrel money

Belarus Kaneeks. Perfect for squirreling away your savings.

Hat money Iceland

Icelandic Kronur. Perfect for those who like to keep their wealth under their hat.

George Best. Pounds

George Best pounds from Northern Ireland. Perfect for achieving your savings goals

Swiss Francs

Swiss Francs. The banknotes that celebrates selfies.

Zimbabwe Dolars

Who wants to be a Trillionaire?

What is the most amazing banknote you've come across in your travels? Tell us in the comments below.

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