5 wonderfully eccentric recycled hotels

Amazing hotels from around the world that breath new life into rescued objects

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Cask Hotel (Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren )

1. Hotel made from wines casks, the Netherlands

Big fan of Beaujolais? The Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren has remodeled 14,500 litre wooden wine casks into four two-person rooms, with standard amenities and an attached bathroom and sitting room. Better still, the rooms still smell of the Beaujolais they once stored.

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2. Hotel made from concrete drainage pipes, Austria

The Das Park Hotel has taken three large concrete pipes and converted them in to surprisingly cool rooms. Compact and elegant, each comes with a skylight and a soothing floral mural.

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 Save the Beach (Corona)

3. Hotel made from coastal rubbish, Italy

The Save The Beach Hotel in Rome is constructed entirely from 12 tonnes of rubbish collected along the Italian coast line and built on one of the dirtiest beaches in Rome.

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 Jules Hotel (jul.com)

4. Hotel made from an underwater laboratory, USA

Situated just off Key Largo in Florida, this hotel used to be a marine research station used to explore the continental shelf off Puerto Rico.  But if you want to stay at the Jules Undersea Lodge you’ll need to bring a wet suit. Entry requires a 21-foot dive.

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 Harlingen Crane Hotel

5. Hotel made from a crane, the Netherlands

This dockside crane in Harlingen used to unload timber in a previous life. Now it has been re-engineered into a quirky one-bedroom specialty hotel. Breakfast is included delivered magically by an internal lift to your bedroom.

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