5 things you absolutely must do in Bali

Jacob Laukaitis reveals the hidden corners of Bali that most tourists don't get to see

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The Ghost Palace Hotel (Jacob Laukaitis)

1. Visit a massive abandoned hotel

Locals call it “The Ghost Palace Hotel” and the rumours are just as spooky as the name suggests: wandering spirits and spooky ghosts haunt the palace day and night. The real story is that It was abandoned about 10 years ago because the company building it went bankrupt. It was prepared for opening and everything is more or less intact. 

The location of the place completes the beautiful adventure – this grand hotel is set on a cliff with a spectacular scenery to gaze upon. It’s a perfect place for curious explorers to experience this post-apocalyptic aura.

Couple riding in West Bali (Shutterstock.com)Couple riding in West Bali (Shutterstock.com)

2. Drive around on a rented motorbike.

Bali has some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. It also has some of the best motorbike renting possibilities. Getting a custom made bike is easy as counting to three. 

I recommend driving across the island via the mountain ranges in the middle of the island. It’s so amazing that even the memory of it gives me goosebumps.

Ulumatu Temple, Bali (Shutterstock.com)Uluwatu Temple, Bali (Shutterstock.com)

3. Visit the Uluwatu Temple

One of the six Bali’s spiritual pillars in a captivating location, resting on top of a cliff overlooking the sea, approximately 70 metres above it. I usually avoid touristy places, but this one is definitely worth a visit!

Mount Agung, Bali (Shutterstock.com)Mount Agung, Bali (Shutterstock.com)

4. Climb Mt. Agung

This active volcano is the highest peak in the island at 3,150m above sea level. It took us five hours to reach our destination but the feeling of joy after this excruciating hike and the breath-taking view was worth it.

Abandoned plane, Bali (Jacob Laukaitis)

5. Visit the mysterious abandoned plane

Why is there a plane in the middle of nowhere? Nobody knows. Rumours say that it was dragged there to create a restaurant. Regardless, it is a captivating and mysterious place to come, because where else can you see a huge Boeing plane just resting on the ground?

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Main image: Procession in Bali (Shutterstock.com)

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