5 reasons foodies must visit Emilia Romagna in autumn and winter

From Parma ham to balsamic vinegar, Emilia Romagna in Italy is foodie heaven. Help them celebrate their bounty this autumn and winter at these extraordinary festivals in medieval towns across the region

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1: White Truffle Fair, Sant'Agata Feltria

A white truffle (santagatainfiera.com)

A white truffle (santagatainfiera.com)

The beautiful town of Sant’Agata Feltria is often considered Italy’s ‘Truffle City’ and the annual Fiera Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco is a glorious celebration of its iconic white truffles. Here, they are proudly exhibited, with ample opportunity for visitors to sample and buy pure truffle, and other truffle products. 

Throughout the festival the streets and squares of this beautiful medieval village come alive with bands, minstrels and dancers, bathed in the rich aroma of truffles a real delight for foodies

When: Every Sunday in October 


2: Choco Art, Grazzano Visconti, Cortevecchia

Assorted chocolates (Dreamstime)

Assorted chocolates (Dreamstime)

Is there a more atmospheric setting for a chocolate festival than the Cortevecchia di Grazzano Visconti, an old restored farm in the heart of Emilia Romagna? Chocolate gourmands can satisfy their love for all things sweet, with a huge array of chocolates, pralines, spreads, chocolate liquor as well as incredible artistic creations and sculptures. 

Visitors can also get involved with workshops and activities offered by the best local chocolate creators in the region.

When: Last weekend October


3: Di Fossa cheese festival, Talamello

Fossa cheese, aged in caves (Shutterstock)

Fossa cheese, aged in caves (Shutterstock)

Every November, in the hills around Rimini, the famous Di Fossa cheese is unearthed from the sandstone pits where it has been kept to mature since August. The tiny town of Talamello celebrates the occasion with a Di Fossa cheese festival, the Ambra di Talamello. 

Alongside other regional products and some live entertainment, the town puts its famous cheese out for all to sample its creamy but tangy flavour. Be brave and tuck in!

When: 18 November


4: Festival of Fish, Cesenatico

Fishing boats in Cesenatico (Dreamstime)

Fishing boats in Cesenatico (Dreamstime)

An annual celebration in the town of Cesenatico, this is a hugely popular event gives visitors the chance to enjoy gourmet fish caught fresh by the local fishermen. The festival also showcases local wine of the area and diners come from all over Italy to enjoy this town’s gastronomic delights. 

The festival programme includes a market exhibition with 80 stalls, including open air stalls along the canal and tasting stations in the town centre, showcasing both baked and grilled fish. In the port area of Ponente, a huge tented restaurant is open for the entire duration of the festival, with a wide range of traditional fish recipes prepared by the cooks of the Association of Restaurants of Cesenatico.

When: First week November


5: Feast of Pork Delicacies, Brisighella

Stall at Brisighella’s Prom Festival (Emilia Romagna Turismo)

Stall at Brisighella’s Prom Festival (Emilia Romagna Turismo)

This is a hearty pork festival that recalls the ancient farmers’ practice of pig slaughter and pork meat processing by skilled butchers. It’s also a great chance to taste the local specialities freshly made and served by restaurants and food stands around the historic centre. 

Menus include greaves, coppa di testa (selected pressed pork meat), hams, sausages, salami and migliaccio, a special sweet made from pig’s blood. Not for vegetarians!

When: Last Saturday of November


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