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5 quirky Cambridge events to mark in your calendar

Author and expert on eccentric Britain Ben le Vay nominates the Cambridge events you must attend

Straw Bear 1909

1. Straw Bear Festival, Whittlesey

10-12 January, 2014

A gruesome figure of a straw bear, followed by sword dancers, cavorts through the streets, ending with burning the bear on the Saturday night. The date is determined following a suitably eccentric formula: Friday and Saturday before Plough Monday, which is first Monday after Twelfth Night, which is 12 days after Christmas.

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2. Race of the Bogmen, Chestnut Horse pub, Great Finborough

Easter Monday

Originally a farmworkers' race to win a contract to plough fields, this three-mile race across muddy fields to the Chestnut Horse pub is still held annually, but for fun. A scroll still has to be carried across the pub threshold, but these days it's an inter-village battle between Gt Finborough and Haughley that ends in a very messy egg-throwing competition.

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3. Reach Fair Penny Throwing, Reach Fair

First May Bank Holiday

Reach Fair is considerably older than many countries on the planet, having been granted a charter by King John in 1201 and held for more than 800 years since. It's a good old village fun-fair, enlivened somewhat by the Mayor of Cambridge and his aldermen turning up in full regalia to toss newly-minted pennies for the local urchins. Lots of fun, despite the fact that the value of a penny has been somewhat eroded since 1201.

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4. Strawberry Fair, Midsummer Common

First Saturday in June

The strawberry fair starts with a parade from Christ's Pieces through the town to the site on Midsummer Common. It's a voluntary hippie-era concept, a live music event and free to attend, with crafts and new age nick-nacks, druids and tepees. A StrawberryShorts film festival has been added to make it a bit more arty, the top prize being the Fraise D'Or.

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5. World Pea-Shooting Championship, Witcham

Second Saturday in July

Held on the village green, contestants fire a pea (by blowing it) down a 12-inch tube 12 feet towards a 12-inch target. Some entrants have sights fitted to their tubes and even – really, I have seen them – laser sights.

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