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5 quick tips from a native New Yorker

Laura Pedersen tells you where the locals like to hang out. In - and out of - town

The Forbes Gallery (Laura Pedersen)

1. Forbes Galleries, NYC

Tucked away in Greenwich village, No one seems to know about this art and history-filled gem so it’s almost always empty of tourists.

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Forest Lawn Buffalo

2. Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY

Terrific for long walks and even a picnic.  Much quieter than a park!  Watch out for marauding geese.

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3. Shopsin’s Restaurant, Essex Street Marketplace

This place has become something of an institution on the Lower East Side. Terrific food served up by a zany cast of characters. What more could you ask for?

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Tina Louise

4. Tina Louise Restaurant, Carlsbadt, NJ

Undiscovered except by locals in-the-know, don’t let the outside fool you.  Amazing Asian fusion cuisine.  One sister is cranky, one is nice, just like in a sitcom.

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Fripp Island

5. Fripp Island, South Carolina 

Great place to relax while the alligators keep mostly to themselves.

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Laura PedersenLaura Pedersen was a columnist for The New York Times and has published 15 books. Her latest travel memoir, Trains, Planes and Auto-Rickshaws, is available on Amazon now.

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