5 most exciting countries to visit in 2017, chosen by the world’s top travel bloggers

We asked the world’s top travel bloggers, including Expert Vagabond, Nomad Revelations and The Planet D, the most exciting places to visit in 2017. Here are their top tips for where you should go

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Derek Baron (Wandering Earl - wanderingearl.com)

Peles Castle (Dreamstime)

Finally receiving recognition from travellers as a hidden gem of Europe, 2017 just might be the last year you can take advantage of everything Romania has to offer without being surrounded by a ton of tourists.

From the stunning mountains of Transylvania to some of the best preserved castles and medieval villages in all of Europe to endless outdoor activities, Romania is an incredibly rewarding destination, no matter what your interest or travel style is. It also has vibrant, youthful cities, fascinating culture, excellent food and plenty more.

Few people visit but those who do absolutely love it.



Debra Corbeil (The Planet D - theplanetd.com)

Alberta, Canada (Dave Bouskill, The Planet D)

The coolest country to visit in 2017 is our home and native land: Canada.

It's Canada's 150th anniversary and the celebrations are going on all year long. With our low dollar, free entry to national parks, and a friendly and welcoming environment, this is the place to be.

Canada is the new adventure capital of the world. We've got everything, including polar bear safaris, winter and summer adventures in the Rocky Mountains, the world's highest tides on the Bay of Fundy and two distinct cultures of French and English.

Canada has world class cities that are perfect for an urban vacation, but you can also explore some of the most remote destinations on earth that will take you far off the grid.

Canada really has it all. 



Matt Stabile (The Expeditioner - theexpeditioner.com)

Food markets in Tokyo (Dreamstime)

Japan is a great country to visit in 2017 as it starts to ramp up preparations for the 2020 Summer Olympics. There’s always a great buzz in a country ahead of hosting a major event like the Olympics, and Japan is no exception.

After the devastating earthquake in 2011, much of the damage in the north has been rebuilt and the area is welcoming travellers with open arms to experience its unique culture.

As always, Tokyo remains a top destination for curious travellers and foodies  alike. The city has more 3-star Michelin restaurants than any other city in the world. 



Matthew Karsten (Expert Vagabond - expertvagabond.com)

Sisimiut (Dreamstime)

My vote for coolest country to visit in 2017 goes to Greenland, and not just because it's cold.

Actually, summer in southern Greenland can have pretty mild temperatures, although the summer season is a short one, from June to August.

Hiking the Arctic Circle Trail from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut is the perfect journey for the adventure traveler who's done it all. Hikers often get lucky and see local Greenland wildlife like Arctic hares, musk oxen or reindeer. It's a wonderful trip for getting out to enjoy nature.



João Leitão (Nomad Revelations - joaoleitao.com)

Desert landscape in Morocco (Dreamstime)

Morocco is without a doubt the top country I’d suggest visiting in 2017. 

Due to the government’s boost of tourism infrastructure and renovation of monuments, this North African country is on the up. It’s a mix of old history with beautiful nature. Ancient cities, well-preserved World Heritage sites, stunning mountains, white sandy beaches, and the mighty Sahara desert are just some of Morocco's highlights worth mentioning. 

Living between the duality of the ‘Door of Africa’ to Europe, and the ‘Door of Europe’ to Africa, Morocco's traditions and way of life are authentic and as exotic as it sounds.


Main image: Erg Chebbi Dunes in Morocco (João Leitão, Nomad Revelations)

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