5 crazy hotels your kids will love

Fire up your children's imaginations by staying in one of these quirky B&Bs. You'd be (barking) mad not to.

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1. The Boot

Tasman, New Zealand

Located in the heart of New Zealand's stunning Tasman region, this two-storey cottage in the shape of a boot is something out of a fairy-tale. But unlike the cramped conditions endured by the old woman and her brood, you'll enjoy comfy sofas, an open fire and a hearty breakfast that is a significant upgrade on broth and no bread.

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Seashell House (Casa Caracol)

The Seashell House, Isla Mujeres (Casa Caracol)

2. The Seashell House

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Built by a local architect for his renowned artist brother, this house has been built in the shape of giant seashells. The inside is like shell too, a with door where the mouth of a shell would be, a spiral staircase and an unique shell shower.

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Beer barrel bed (Hof Beverland)

Beer barrel bed (Hof Beverland)

3. The Beer Barrel

Ostbevern, Germany

What sets this seemingly normal B&B are it's three beer barrel rooms, where 100-year-old barrels from the local Pott’s Brewery have been converted into quirky single and double beds. The kids will have to forgo the complimentary cold beer that awaits in each room, but they have fun in the sauna made from a beer barrel out in the garden.

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Strongfort Castle (Strongfort Castle)

Strongfort Castle, Craughwell (Strongfort Castle)

4. The Medieval Castle

Galway, Ireland

This 600-year-old castle is a family home, restored using traditional methods. Guests stay in the master bedroom, the highest room in the castle with access to the turret. It's a quirky, authentic place to stay, with lots of winding staircases and the odd atmospheric cobweb. If you're lucky, the owner will invite you to a game of pool in the dungeon, or 'games room' as he likes to call it.

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Dog Bark Park Inn (Dog Bark Park Inn)

Beagle-shaped hotel (Dog Bark Park Inn)

5. The Doghouse

Cottonwood, Idaho, USA

Built in the shape of a giant beagle, the Dog Park Bark Inn is probably the only place in the world where it's good to be in the dog house – and comfortable too. The first floor balcony offers expansive views of prairie grain fields and surrounding mountains, and a spectacular  starry 'sky garden' on clear nights. Dogs are welcome too.

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Main image: The Boot, Tasman (Jesterhouse)

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