Nyhavn, Copenhagen (Dave Bouskill, The Planet D)
List Words : Graeme Green | 30 December

5 coolest cities to visit in 2017, chosen by the world’s top travel bloggers

Who better to tell you the coolest cities to visit this year than the folks who spend their lives travelling? We asked The Planet D, Wandering Earl, The Expeditioner and more for their tips on where to go…

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Debra Corbeil (The Planet D - theplanetd.com)

Cyclists in Copenhagen (Dreamstime)

Copenhagen is our choice for the coolest city to visit in 2017. It’s one of the greenest capital cities in the world, located in Denmark, the happiest country on earth.

Copenhagen is a place where you want to be outside. Locals ride their bicycles everywhere. People are healthy, fit and active, and the city has one of the most picturesque waterfronts in all of Europe. You can't help but feel cool hanging out at Nyhavn (pictured, top), sipping a bear on the waterfront, while watching the beautiful people walk by.

It's one of the world's most liveable cities and is definitely one of the best and safest to visit. 


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Matthew Karsten (Expert Vagabond - expertvagabond.com)

Beach at Playa del Carmen (Dreamstime)

The coolest city to visit in 2017 is Playa del Carmen in Mexico. One of the fastest growing cities in Latin America, ‘Playa’ as it's known locally is located along the stunning Riviera Maya coastal drive in Mexico's Yucatan Penninsula.

The city is a perfect base for exploring the area's stunning white-sand beaches, crystal clear swimming holes in the jungle called ‘cenotes’, epic Caribbean scuba diving, ancient Mayan ruins, and delicious Mexican food.

It's far less crowded and cheesy then Cancun, but only an hour south of Cancun Airport.


Istanbul, Turkey

Matt Stabile (The Expeditioner - theexpeditioner.com)

Sunset over Istanbul (Dreamstime)

I just got back from Istanbul, and now is a great time to visit. Don't believe all the hype about terrorism and political turmoil. Like anywhere, there are issues the country is facing, but Istanbul remains a remarkable city to visit for its history, art, food and people.

Even better for international travellers, most currencies are extremely strong against the Turkish Lira, so you can pamper yourself while you’re there without breaking the bank.

Also, this is a city used to visitors, and with the drop in tourism, the city now more than ever welcomes and needs people to visit. 


Lisbon, Portugal

João Leitão (Nomad Revelations - joaoleitao.com)

Lisbon (Dreamstime)

One of the most touristically overlooked European capitals, Lisbon is my selection for the coolest city to visit in 2017. In Lisbon, you can indulge yourself in a rich culture, delicious gastronomy and exotic architecture. The people are incredibly friendly. Lisbon is also an excellent budget option for price-quality ratio.

The Foundation of Portugal was back in the year 868 and Portuguese sailors explored the whole planet, which means Lisbon today is a mix of different continents in one single city.

Places such as the impressive Castelo de São Jorge, the breathtaking Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the enigmatic Torre de Belém are the most important places to visit in the city.


Taipei, Taiwan

Derek Baron (Wandering Earl - wanderingearl.com)

Food. Food. Food. In 16 years of constant travel, I have never seen such a variety on incredible food and I have never enjoyed so many consecutive meals that I would label as ‘amazing’.

Taiwan’s capital has famous dumpling shops, noodle soup houses, more food markets than you could visit in a year, food stalls everywhere, shaved ice cafes, pancake vendors and more. I have amazing memories of the Ningxia Night Market.

It's an endless feast in Taipei, not simply for your taste buds, but for all your senses, as you marvel at the mouth-watering food all around you at any given moment.


Main image: Nyhavn waterfront, Copenhagen (Dave Bouskill, The Planet D)

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