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List Words : Team Wanderlust | 12 January 2017

2017's best learning trips

Make a great journey even better with a knowledgeable expert on hand to enhance and inform, from Croatian history to Canadian wildlife

Wanderlust Top 50 Trips 2017

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1: Cruise the historical Dalmatian Coast

Trogir by night (Dreamstime)

Trogir by night (Dreamstime)

Croatia’s coastline has long been one of Europe’s most dazzling drives, but for an alternative view, try exploring its medieval buildings, waterfalls and walled cities from the deck of a traditional Turkish-built gulet (wooden sailing boat). 

Peter Sommer Travels’ Cruising the Dalmatian Coast sees you set out from Šibenik in the company of archeologist Dr Helena Tomas. 

Uncover the curious history of medieval city Trogir, explore the hilltop fortresses and islets of the Kornati archipelago and wander the Roman and Venetian town of Zadar, pit stopping in sun-kissed, isolated bays along the way. It should be blissful. 

Who: Peter Sommer Travels

When: 16 Sept 2017

How long: Seven nights

How much: From £3,395 (excl intl flights)

2: Join the 'bear whisperer' in Canada

Bears wrestling playfully (Dreamstime)

Bears wrestling playfully (Dreamstime)

Wildlife Worldwide’s Walking with Bears & Whale Watching tour sees you join up with ‘bear whisperer’ Gary Zorn, as you get up close and personal with Canada’s grizzliesdeep in the boreal forests of Vancouver Island. 

Photograph them feasting on salmon while you get the direct benefit of Gary’s 30 years of studying them in the wild. Then swap land for sea as you fly to Tofino and sail the pristine waters of Clayoquot Sound, where humpbacks, sea lions and resident bald eagles roam free and bears wander the forested shoreline. 

Finish by exploring the trails of Pacific Rim NP, deep amid the isolated forests of this incredible slice of wild Canada.

Who: Wildlife Worldwide

When: Between Sept and Oct 2017

How long: Nine nights

How much: From £5,195 (incl flights)

3: Stargaze in the Namib Desert 

Quiver Tree under night sky in Namibia (Dreamstime)

Quiver Tree under night sky in Namibia (Dreamstime)

See the stars from a new angle on ATI Holidays’ Adventures Under the Namibian Night Skies trip. Set off from Windhoek for the red dunes of the Kalahari, trekking tree-speckled savannah under the gaze of oryx and giraffe. 

Strike out under the ink black canvas of the NamibRand, hiking the Dark Sky Reserve in the company of NASA-accredited astronomer Rob Johnstone, as he narrates the stars.

During daylight, ride the open plains of the Sossusvlei on horseback, trotting between a red sand sea and the rugged Naukluft Mountains, and visit the private nature reserve of Wustenquell.

Who: ATI Holidays

When: Year round

How long: Nine nights

How much: From NAD38,000 (£2,175; excl intl flights)


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Main image: Night skies over Namibia (ATI Holidays)

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