2014's best travel secrets revealed

Across the year we asked travel experts to share inside information from their area of expertise. From making your big trip happen to the best walks in Northern Ireland, here are their tips ...

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3 great walks in Northern Ireland – National Trust

Put on your walking boots and discover Northern Ireland's most spectacular scenery along these awesome hiking trails, recommended by the National Trust.

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Alex James and Matt Stone (Russell Lord)

6 unmissable foodie spots in Western Australia – Matt Stone

Australia’s rock'n'roll chef Matt Stone shares his top tips for exploring his backyard, Western Australia’s South West. Hire a car in Perth, allow at least a week, and pack a healthy appetite!

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New York cabs (Shutterstock.com)

New York taxis in Times Square. (Shutterstock)

How to hail a cab like a New Yorker – Nicole Trilivas

Heading to New York? Want to get from one end of the city to the other? Don't get left on the pavement. Nicole Trilivas reveals the secret to hailing a cab like a pro!

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Looking out across a valley (Shutterstock.com)

Backpacker surveying a vast landscape (Shutterstock)

How to make your big travel adventure happen – Chris Guillebeau

Don't postpone your dream trip any longer. Chris Guillebeau gives you the tools to get you on the road sooner.

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Happy interns abroad (Gemma Fottles)

Five tips for taking an internship abroad – Gemma Fottles

Thinking of doing an internship? Then why not do one abroad? Gemma Fottles did, and had the time of her life – here are her tips for making it happen.

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Young guy busking (Shutterstock.com)

Young guy busking (Shutterstock)

How to busk your way around the world – Rosie Driffill

Could you sing – or strum – for your supper? And maybe for a ticket to the next town as well? Rosie Driffill reveals how to turn your talent into a means of seeing more of the planet.

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Amazonian hammocks (Lars and Lianne)

Top 10 tips for an amazing Amazonian boat adventure – Lars and Liane

Kick back in your hammock and watch the Amazon go by with this up-to-the-minute advice from Peru.

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