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Our weirdest blogs of 2014

Our collection of the wildest, wackiest and downright strangest things to happen in travel this year

Python spa treatment (Cebu Zoo)

The world’s 7 weirdest spa treatments

In 2014, Cebu Zoo in the Philippines announced that it was pressing its giant pythons into service as masseuses. We checked out the other strange spa treatments offered across the globe.

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Suspension bridge, Northern Pakistan (Shutterstock.com)

Suspension bridge in Pakistan (Shutterstock)

The world’s 11 scariest bridges

We've gathered together a collection of bridges that are barely fit for purpose. If you're not already afraid of crossing bridges, you will be after watching these videos!

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Posters (Etsy.com/Green Dragon Inn)

Cool travel posters for places that don’t really exist

Created in the style of classic posters from the 1920s, these posters will entice you to the mythical worlds of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

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Cow licking nose (Shutterstock.com)

Cow licking nose (Shutterstock)

10 outrageous insurance claims

You won't believe some of the situations travellers find themselves in. And what they claim for on their insurance. Would you have the gall to make these claims?

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Abbey Road sign (Dreamstime)

5 must-visit music-themed attractions

From Dollywood to the ABBA museum in Stockholm, the world is littered with attractions that pay homage to their musical heroes (Or in Dolly Parton's case, to herself.) Here are our five favourites.

Would you make a pilgrimage to these musical meccas?

Barrel burning

Rolling out the barrel in Ottery St Mary (Shutterstock)

7 weird events in England’s West Country

Charm worms, chase cheese or devour raw onions: the West Country of England is home to some truly bonkers events. 

Our local man-in-the-know Simon Farnsworth reveals all!

Zinedine Zidane (Screen grab from YouTube video)

7 crazy world cup songs from around the world

Brazil celebrated the 2014 World Cup by hosting it. Germany celebrated by winning it. These strange people celebrated it by creating hilarious songs, penned as a soundtrack to football's biggest carnival. 

Even if you hate football, you'll love them...

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