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2013's craziest travel moments

More of our favourite weird moments of 2013 – it really is a mad, mad world!

Hilarious Indian road sign

Northern Lights

5 strange Northern Lights myths

Planning to see the Northern Lights in 2014? Here are five ancient beliefs you should take into account... just to be safe.

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Tapes. Lots of them.

7 things we don't miss from travelling 20 years ago

Travel has changed since Wanderlust magazine first hit the shelves. Here's a collection of bygone travel 'experiences' we're glad to see the back of.

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Crazy TV shows

8 crazy TV shows from around the world

From Russian game shows featuring stolen cars to X Factor for Arab poets, these television shows make Top Gear look sane.

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Hilarious Indian Road Signs

9 funny Indian road signs

Indian roads are some of the most dangerous in the world. Maybe it's because drivers are laughing at the signs...

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Crazy theme parks

The world's 6 craziest theme parks

From JCBs to farting dog rollercoasters, these theme parks go to extremes to stand out from the crowd.

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Mad video clips from around the world

9 mad music videos from around the world

As Gangnam Style continues to dominate the charts, we look at nine crazy music clips from around the world that probably won't become international hits.

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Weird statues

7 strange statues from around the world

Shocking, thought-provoking and down right weird street art from around the world.

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