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18 weird driving laws from around the world

Crazy laws that could get you into trouble next time you hire a car abroad

Kids on a car wreck (Peter Moore)


1. In Singapore, it’s against the law for a driver to come within 50 metres of a pedestrian.

2. In Beijing, on the other hand, if you  stop at a pedestrian crossing you risk being fined five Yuan.

3. In Thailand, wearing a shirt when driving is mandatory.

4. In Japan, splashing muddy water on a pedestrian while driving incurs a hefty fine.

5. In Manila, you are not allowed to drive on Mondays if your number plate ends in 1 or 2.


6. In Denver, Colorado, it is illegal to drive a black car on Sundays.

7. In California, women are prohibited from driving wearing a bathrobe.

8. It’s also illegal to shoot at wild game from a moving vehicle. Unless your target is a whale.

9. In San Francisco, it’s illegal to wipe one’s car with used underwear.

10. In Alabama, you’re not allowed to operate a vehicle barefooted or blindfolded.

11. In Clinton, Oklahoma, it is illegal to 'molest' a car. We'll leave that one to your imagination.


12. In Switzerland, you can’t wash your car on Sunday.

13. In Russia/Romania, you’ll be fined if you’re driving a dirty car.

14. In Spain, you must have an extra pair of glasses in the car at all times, even if you’re already wearing a pair.

15. In Luxembourg, all cars must have windshield wipers, even if they don't have a windshield.

16. In Denmark, you must do a routine check for sleeping children under your car every single time you want to drive anywhere.

17. In Germany, it is illegal to run out of fuel on the autobahn.


18. In South Africa, herders with livestock have the right when crossing a road.

Have you come across bizarre road rules in your travels? Tell us in the comments below.

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