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13 amazing flash mobs in unlikely countries

From Madagascar to Mumbai, flash mobs are moving beyond the affluent West to more challenging locations

Flash Mob Nepal

1. Bombay Bicycle Shorts Club

Those of you who have seen Slumdog Millionaire know that Mumbaikars aren't adverse to a bit of random synchronised dancing on busy railway platforms. But it seems it's not an activity restricted to the silver screen. A  flash mob folk recently danced to Rang De Basant at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station. Sadly, neither Freido Pinto nor any Pussycat Dolls were in attendance.


2. Backstreet shenanigans, Ukraine

One of the unforeseen consequences of the fall of Communism is that the Backstreet Boys have reached parts of the world that would have otherwise remained blissfully unaware of their faux-ghetto stylings.Here they provide soundtrack to a flash mob under a low leaden sky in Ukraine.

3. Strictly come banking, Spain

Customers popping in to deposit a cheque at the Banco Santander in Seville got a surprise recently when people waiting in the queue suddenly started to rumba. 

"Can the next customer please go to teller Sev-en!"


4. Duty-free dancing, Lebanon

Anyone who has had to while away the hours in an airport departure hall can understand the compunction to do something – anything – to pass the time. But it's the logistics of this flash mob that intrigues me. Did they all book on the same flight? And how did so many clearly deranged people get past security?

5. Kylie flashes Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok's legendary lady-boys take over a shopping mall to pay homage to their goddess, Ms Kylie Minogue.


6. Do it like the dude, Russia

After their president, Dmitry Medvedev, was been caught on video doing a bit of dad dancing, dozens of young Muscovites gathered at Manezh Square near the Kremlin to show their support – by imitating the President's funky American Boy dance moves.

7. Get down low, Ghana

OK, a dusty parking lot in Accra is not the most auspicious place to hold West Africa's first flash mob. But what this flash mob lacks in sophistication is more than made up by sheer energy, enthusiasm and a banging soundtrack.


8. Love me long time, Hanoi

Communism is still alive and kicking in Vietnam, of course. But that hasn't stopped the Backstreet Boys – the boy band of choice, it seems, in Socialist countries. Here their music is celebrated and honoured in Vietnam.

9. Fast food flash mob, Fiji

Co-ordinated and organised by Vodafone but not without a certain laidback Pacific island charm. Performed in the world's smallest food court.


10. Getting down with the kids, Nicaragua

Effectively a workout video for Nicaraguan tweens, this video goes a long way in explaining the worldwide shortage of fluorescent leggings and leg-warmers.

11. Yaketty-yak, Mongolia

The Mongolian Cher Lloyd leads the youth of Ulaan Bator through this surprisingly sophisticated dance routine. Spoilt only by 30 seconds of the Backstreet Boys about halfway through. Also goes a long way goes a long way in explaining the worldwide shortage of yellow woollen gloves.

12. Anyone for tennis, Madagascar

Underneath Antananarivo's Hollywood-style sign, this flash mob incorporates a tennis theme into their dance routine. Goes a long way in explaining why no one from Madagascar has ever won Wimbledon.

13. And the winner is... Durbar Square, Nepal

Coolest flash mob location ever. This is exactly what the city planners had in mind when they designed Durbar Square back in the 14th century. And how Midnight Oil envisaged their music being performed when they wrote Beds Are Burning.

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