Stop Staring (
Blog Words : Weird@Wanderlust | 31 January

12 hilarious fake London Underground signs

A collection of 'altered' signage on London's Underground that arguably give a better idea of the average commuter experience than the real ones

Artists, activists and humourists have long used the London Underground as their canvas, artfully adapting and changing the systems standard signage to agitate for change. Or simply reflect on what it's really like to ride on one of the world's busiest public transport systems.

Naughty Passengers (

If only.

Overweight people (

For London's large conjoined snake charmer community .

Urban solitude (

Urban solitude. We're all seeking it.

Shepherd's Pie (

Hmmm. Shepherd's Pie.

Overcrowding (

As are the ones about the service running late.

Drinking (

And for those who want to avoid them.

Ipods (

Just don't engage with your fellow passenger, whatever you do.

Stop Staring (

It's not big. And it's not clever.

Royals only (

Rarely used.

Electric chair (

And those who sit in the Royal seat.

No eye contact

Got that?

Lap seating (

Stringfellows comes to the Tube.

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