Italy poster (Boston Public Library collection)
Blog Words : Weird@Wanderlust | 24 January

11 vintage travel posters that still inspire wanderlust

Boston Public Library have just digitised their collection of old travel posters. Here is a selection guaranteed to get your feet itching

There was a time when travel posters were works of art. In some cases, quite literally. And as such that spoke directly to the soul and stirred with us our primal urge to travel. 

Judging by this selection of vintage posters from a collection held by the Boston Library, they still have that power.

Here's a selection of our favourites.

The little girls seem unimpressed. But we are.

Malaya poster (Boston Library collection)

Did you spot the train?

Visit Palestine poster (Boston Library Collection)

West Bank Barrier not shown.

Japan poster (Boston Library collection)

Makes us want to go to Kyoto.

CaucaBoston Library collection)sus poster (

It looks so peaceful.

New Zealand (Boston Library collection)

Before the Hobbits took over.

When Sweden still blew its own horn.

Grapes and sculpture. The basis of a great trip to Italy.

Tasmania (Boston Library collection)

If Switzerland was hot. And didn't have much snow.

 Ireland (Boston Library collection)


Klosters (Boston Public Library collection)

Who doesn't appreciate the opportunity to pull out the yellow jumpsuit?