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10 unintentionally funny signs from around the world

Lost in translation? All the signs point to a good laugh

Collage of funny signs

After long periods of drought, the cows in Australia will eat anything.


It's much easier to throw bread with your hands.


Well, at least to their faces anyway. In Idaho, they all carry guns.


 Steep incline

It's just as steeping going down the other side.


 Genuine Fake Watches

Because the last thing you want is a fake fake watch.


 Hair and Nail Deli Salad

For those who like their salads crunchy.


Fried Changing Club

For when the 8.15 club has stopped accepting new members.


My Dung

I'm not sure what they're selling. I just know I don't want it.


Sloppy roads

So much more dangerous than slippery ones.


Strong Violent Drinks

They'll leave you with more than a hangover.


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