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10 rum remedies from around the world

Feeling a little off-colour on your travels? It might be wise to give these local cures a miss...

Vuka Vuka (Vuka Vuka website)

1. Vuka-vuka, Zimbabwe

The secret ingredient of ‘African Viagra’ is Myalabris beetle – guaranteed to reach the parts other beetles can’t.

2. Dry peas, Japan

Reputed to be very useful in driving away evil spirits.

3. Dried penis, Sicily

Boozy night? No problem! Just munch on the dehydrated appendage of an emasculated bull for hangover relief. Simple…

4. Pins, Haiti

… Or do as the voodoo with a hangover – stick 13 pins in the cork of the offending bottle to take away the pain.

5. Shoe-smelling, India

As a response to a fit, passers-by may attempt to bring the sole of the afflicted’s shoe under their nose – strong whiffs can allegedly halt seizures.

6. Kimchi, South Korea

Sales of the potent fermented cabbage dish went through the roof when scientists suggested that it could help cure bird flu (but not bad breath).

7. Chilies, Mexico

Good for everything, from blocked noses to sore throats to constipation. Sprinkle chilli powder on your socks and mittens to ward off chills.

8. Toothbrush tree, Sudan

Chew on the wood of the Salvadora persica (toothbrush tree) to release an anti-bacterial sap that fights decay.

9. Didgeridoo playing, Australia

No, really: scientists have found that blowing this Aboriginal instrument exercises the tissues in the throat, thus helping to prevent sleep apnoea.

10. Dragon’s blood, Yemen

This tree resin is another cure-all (treating diarrhea, dysentery, ulcers, fevers…) It also makes spells more potent.

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