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List Words : Christine Fleitz | 15 November

10 Christmas gifts for a globetrotter

It's that time of year again and travellers are sending off their wish-lists to Father Christmas. Are you stuck for present ideas? Check out our top ten

1. Buy them a trip

If they have wanderlust in their veins, nothing will bring a smile to their face faster than the news of a complimentary trip in their Christmas card. Keep an eye out for travel brochures lying around, and a keen ear to cities or countries that find their way into your conversation, and surprise them with an organised trip they've desperately wanted for years.

Start saving and send them trekking up Kilimanjaro, or whitewater rafting in Thailand. Or why not make it a trip for two, and call dibs when they ask for a travel companion?

If Christmas shopping is breaking your budget and you're a Wanderlust subscriber then use your £50 travel voucher, for a sneaky discount. Stuck for trip ideas? Try using the Wanderlust Trip Finder.

2. Plan an independent getaway

Package trips and group tours aren't for everyone; if you know your gift recipient prefers to have more control over what they are doing on their travels and when, then offer a helping hand by financing their flight or accommodation, allowing them to freely explore at their own pace. Shop around online with or Opodo and you'll find plenty of great deals that offer affordable prices and thrilling experiences.

When they return, drill them for details of hidden gems and off-beat attractions, and don't forget to hint that you'll be expecting the favour returned next year!

3. Gear, gear and more gear!

Every destination requires different gear, whether it's warm winter clothing for an Arctic escape, a bizarre travel adapter for an exotic Swazi plug socket, or mosquito repellent to ward off the swarms in Thailand. Learn of their next destination, consider what might come in handy and surprise them with your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. They'll be thanking you for that waterproof money belt after a monsoon downpour!

There are plenty of companies geared towards... well, gear. Try Nomad Travel for an adventurous traveller's every need, or Fat Face for the trendy traveller. Alternatively, check out Rohan for performance clothing and luggage.

Don't forget, Wanderlust readers can receive a 10% discount with Nomad and Rohan. To get 10% off your next Rohan order simply enter WL37 as the discount code. Or, for a discount in Nomad stores or online enter WLUST10 at the checkout.

4. Equipment for the snap happy

Make the snap happy even happier this Christmas with new equipment. If they're planning a safari Down Under, why not spoil them with a swanky zoom lens – perfect for capturing those intimate wildlife moments. Or a wide-angle lens for that striking sunset photo of the Grand Canyon. If they're all about sand and surf then a waterproof camera case could be just what they need. Or just give them an upgrade from their dated digital to a top-of-the-line SLR.

Speak to someone at your local Jessops store, or take a peek at their website, for fantastic festive deals.

5. Travel books = inspiration

Everyone knows that travel isn't without its moments of hanging around; whether it's waiting for a connecting flight or on a 12-hour bus ride. So what better way for them to pass the time than by burying their nose in the latest travel book. An endless variety of travel literature is out there, from guidebooks to real-life travel tales. Such books can either enlighten a current journey with the knowledge of unknown facts, or offer inspiration for future gallops around the globe.

Stick to the traditional paperback or splash out on a Kindle from Amazon for a light-weight option with a massive selection of 750,000 books, newspapers and magazines for them to chose from.

6. Save their travel memories

This Christmas, create a personalised photobook or calendar with a round-up of their travel experiences, so their memories will never fade. Bob Books offer a range of services for those who want to give their loved ones something extra special. You can publish your own book in the Bob Bookshop, or have a book created for you with the Bob Design Service.

Save 10% with Wanderlust, by using the promotional code WANDERLUST when you check out.

7. Power on the move

Imagine you are huddled with other travellers and photographers on the Flight Deck, waiting for that moment when thousands of birds will take to the air in front of the rising sun. The moment is there, the perfect picture, but wait... your camera battery is drained. The moment when your electronic devices, be it camera, phone or iPod runs out of battery is every traveller's greatest nightmare.

Save your loved ones from having to remember all the different chargers, cables and adaptors on their next trip by giving them a portable power or solar charger this Christmas. PowerTraveller has a range of products available that allow travellers to charge all their essential devices without needing power from the mains.

And, you guessed it, Wanderlust readers can receive an exclusive discount on PowerTraveller products. Enter 'WANDERLUST' to receive 10% off your next purchase.

8. Stay-cation inspiration

If they've got a hectic lifestyle and can't take much time off work for a trip overseas then why not offer them some inspiration for a short getaway at home. Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency of Great Britain, has loads of ideas for stay-cations and all the bits-and-bobs a traveller could need, including paper and digital maps, guidebooks, navigation and GPS, as well as road and street atlases.

If you really want to have some fun you can plan their next stay-cation for them and design your own map with OS Select. With the service you can decide the centre location of the map, be it your house, your favourite walk or even a mountain bike trail. You can also choose from 21 cover images to further personalise your map.

9. All the extra bits

If you've already got your main gift covered but are just looking for those little odds and ends to fill out their Christmas stocking then why not take a look at Stanfords, the UK's leading specialist retailer of maps, travel books and other must-have travel accessories.We've added the Global Warming Ice Cube Tray and the World Map Shower Curtain to our Christmas lists.

Established in 1853, Stanford's has had an impressive list of customers, from Ernest Shackleton to Bill Bryson, so surely they must be doing something right! Stock up on travel goodies for friends and family in-store or online.

10. The gift that keeps on giving

And finally, what could any devoted traveller want more than eight inspirational issues of the UK's leading magazine for adventurous and authentic travel. Yes, we're talking about a Wanderlust gift subscription. For an extra bonus, this year we're giving away a fabulous brand new book, Mark Carwardine's Ultimate Wildlife Experiences, worth £25, free with every UK gift subscription.

Place your order by 9 December 2011 to ensure that your gift subscription will be waiting under the tree on Christmas morning.

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