Your tales of... spooky encounters

Your tales of... spooky encounters

Have you heard a bump in the night, or seen a ghostly spectre walking the halls late at night? Have you heard the tales of a witch burned at the stake unable to rest in peace or a jilted lover wandering for all eternity? Have you found yourself staying somewhere spooky, or got lost in a frightening forest?

We want to hear all about it!

We'd like to hear all about your tales of spooky encounters. It could involve anything from strange noises, to unexplained sightings to just that feeling you get of apprehension.

One lucky respondent will take home a Wanderlust travel goody bag, and we'll use several stories in an upcoming issue of the magazine.


Please note, we want a story - you won't win if you just enter "hello", or "Wanderlust" in the answer - you're just wasting our time and yours.

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