Win! A Norwegian sailing safari with Wildfoot

Win! A Norwegian sailing safari with Wildfoot

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Tread the decks and look to the Norwegian Sea’s horizon, for among those rolling waves is the chance to spy the majestic mammals of the deep. Wildfoot Travel is offering one lucky reader (and their guest) the chance to step aboard a traditional three-mast schooner and set sail on a high-seas whale safari among Norway’s fjords.

Northern lights & wild sights

Gaze at the northern lights from the comfort of your schooner (Credit: Jan Belgers)

Gaze at the northern lights from the comfort of your schooner (Credit: Jan Belgers)

You’ll start your sailing adventure from the northern Norwegian town of Tromsø, meandering south to then circle the island of Senja and on the constant lookout for the large numbers of humpback and sperm whales that swim these waters (along with the possibility of spotting orca too). With the wind at your back, free-spirted spontaneity will play an essential part of your expedition; each day the captain and crew will decide on the best course to chart, taking into consideration the weather, sea conditions and the anticipated locations of whales too.

Possible ports of call include Andenes, the wild and northern-most tip of the island of Andøya, and Senja’s old fishing villages of Skrollsvika and Gryllefjord. As you come to the island of Sommarøy, on the western part of the Tromsø municipality, you can transfer to shore via Zodiac to hike the small bays and white beaches, and then onwards to the 211m high mount of Hillesøya.

It all feeds into the intrepid nature of this trip and, after each day of sailing, you can gaze skyward for the chance to witness the aurora borealis (northern lights) dance entrancingly across the night sky.  

*Please note: this prize does not include flights, gratuities, beverages or transfers


Wandering with Wildfoot  

Sunset hikes in the north of Norway (Credit: Johan Vesters)

Sunset hikes in the north of Norway (Credit: Johan Vesters)

Wildfoot Travel was born out from the 25-year tour operator Arctic and Antarctica Bound, to help travellers explore both the polar regions and other rugged parts of the world. Its team of wildlife and adventure travel specialists have the knowledge to assist those who wish to experience ‘out of the ordinary’ travel moments and, with wildlife playing such an important part of this, the company is dedicated to conservation efforts and the protection of the environment, giving support to animal welfare organisations too. It’s time to put your wildest foot forward.

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How to enter

Wildfoot Travel is offering two spaces on a 2020 Norway Northern Lights & Whales sailing with the eight-day expedition to be set for travel in November or December. This prize includes live-on-board accommodation in a twin-cabin, guiding and hiking excursions, meals on board, and informal lectures. 

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On average, up to how long can a sperm whale stay submerged for? a) 60 minutes b) 90 minutes c) 120 minutes

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