WIN! £500 worth of Craghoppers’ gear

WIN! £500 worth of Craghoppers’ gear

Earlier this year, Craghoppers – one of the UK’s leading outdoor clothing brands – sent four aspiring photographers on a road trip through Scotland. The goal was to test their autumn and winter gear in the country’s notorious weather, while also discovering Scotland’s wild coasts and countryside. We catch up with them on their return…

Why Scotland? 

Scotland’s wild conditions were the perfect testing grounds for our gear. We travelled through wind, rain, sun, mist and midges as we embarked on part of Scotland’s own ‘Route 66’: the NC500 – an 830km scenic road trip around the north coast of the country. We started on a winding single track road called Bealach Na Ba, where hairpin turns and rugged countryside set the scene for the start of our adventure.

With sustainability in mind, we were also keen to discover the wilderness on our own doorstep. We visited a number of conservation projects en route, including the Wester Ross Fisheries Trust, who work with the local community to protect Scotland’s fish population.

Conservation is central to everything Craghoppers does (Craghoppers)

Conservation is central to everything Craghoppers does (Craghoppers)

What gear did you pack and why?

We packed everything from waterproof parka jackets to the versatile Kiwi Pro Trousers that dry super-fast. One of the things we were grateful for were the Corey and Miska microfleeces. They pack tiny but are very warm, which makes them great for layering – plus they’re part made from recycled plastic bottles.

How important is conservation to Craghoppers?

Conservation is central to everything we do. We’re constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment, which is why all of our waterproof garments are made without using any harmful chemicals. By the end of the year, we will also have recycled over 10 million plastic bottles which are used to create our microfleece garments.

Innovation informs the design of Craghoppers' gear (Craghoppers)

Innovation informs the design of Craghoppers' gear (Craghoppers)

What was the highlight of the trip?

The sheer variety of different landscapes in Scotland. The jagged peaks of Knockan Crag, in the Northwest Highlands, were great for climbing, while the turquoise waters of Achmelvich Bay made us feel like we were in the Mediterranean. The food also really surprised us. You don’t necessarily think of Scotland as a foodie destination, but every bite tasted like it had been caught that morning, from the lamb at a local pub to the fish at the ocean-side shacks.

How does technology influence your gear?

Innovation informs our design. Our NosiLife clothing, for example, has an unrivalled anti-insect treatment that offers outstanding defence against most biting insects – great for hot climates but also in places like Scotland, when the midges are out. Our winter jackets, on the other hand, have been carefully developed to be super efficient while keeping weight to a minimum, with added touches like insulated ‘hot pockets’ to block out the cold. 

Craghoppers' top packing tip is to make sure you have layers (Craghoppers)

Craghoppers' top packing tip is to make sure you have layers (Craghoppers)

Give us your top packing tip

Layers. No matter where you go, the weather can always change so it’s best to be prepared for every environment.

What does travel mean to you?

People often think that travelling requires you to head to the furthest-flung corners of the world. But for us, travel is about adventure – and that can be just as good in your own backyard. Our favourite thing at Craghoppers is just to make the most of the outdoors: hiking, camping and spending time in nature – life’s simple pleasures.

Made for travel

Craghoppers’ origins are humble: two outdoor enthusiasts in Batley, Yorkshire, who decided to turn their passion for travel into a bona fi de business. Over 50 years later, Craghoppers is a global technical outdoor and travel clothing specialist with innovation at the heart of what they do. Whether you’re climbing in the mountains of Peru or road tripping through the wild side of Scotland, Craghoppers offers defence in every environment, keeping bugs at bay and valuables secure.

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To celebrate Craghoppers’ trip to Scotland and the launch of their autumn and winter collection, they are o­ffering one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on £500 worth of Craghoppers’ gear. To be in for a chance to win, simply answer the following question:


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