Quiz: How well do you know the world's rivers?

Quiz: How well do you know the world's rivers?

Reckon you know the world's longest river? What about the widest? Perhaps you've brushed up on your river trivia for your favourite part of the world?

Test your knowledge here, with this fun (if challenging) rivers of the world quiz...

1. Which of these is the world’s longest river?

The Yangtze

The Amazon

The Nile

The Mekong

2. Which of these is the world’s widest river?

The Yangtze

The Amazon

The Nile

The Congo

3. This Asian river is visually quite distinctive. What’s it called?

The Golden

The Yangtze

The Yellow

The Mekong

4. Where would you find the Irrawaddy River?


Myanmar (Burma)



5. How long is the River Nile?





6. Can you identify this winding African river?

The Congo

The Blue Nile

The Chobe

The Zambezi

7. In which African country would you meet the tribes who live alongside the Omo River?





8. The Tigris River runs through which three countries?

Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon

Libya, Egypt and Algeria

Iraq, Turkey and Syria

Syria, Lebanon and Israel

9. Australia’s longest river shares a name with a famous tennis player. Name that player…

The Murray, shared with Andy Murray

The Seles, shared with Monica Seles

The Ashe, shared with Arthur Ashe

The Nadal, shared with Rafael Nadal

10. The USA’s Mississippi River runs through or borders 10 of the country’s 50 states. Which of these states is NOT on that list?





11. 27 rivers flow into Lake Titicaca, but only one flows out from it. Can you name that river?

The Vilcanota, Peru

The Amazon

The Desaguadero, Bolivia

Nice try! The question contains a fib

12. Which of these is Europe's longest river?

The Volga

The Danube

The Seine

The Elbe

13. How many European countries does the Danube run through?





14. Which of these is the UK’s longest river?

The Thames

The Mersey

The Trent

The Severn

15. On which English river do these famous bridges sit?

The Tyne in north-east England

The Avon in south-west England

The Trent in the Midlands

The Clyde in Glasgow

16. Which was the first river in the world to be granted the same legal rights as a human being?

The Nile, Egypt, in 2002

The Fly, Papua New Guinea, in 2014

The Whanganui, New Zealand, In 2017

Nice try! I’m confident this could never, ever happen

17. Several countries in the world have no rivers. Which of these countries DOES have a river?



Vatican City