WIN! Two return non-stop flights from London to anywhere in the world, plus a £100 CEWE voucher

WIN! Two return non-stop flights from London to anywhere in the world, plus a £100 CEWE voucher

Photographs have the power to transport us back in time; to jog memories of our travels and what we saw and felt during that very moment. Now more than ever, we are grateful for the adventures we are lucky enough to enjoy and are tuned in to the importance of making memories. That’s why we’ve teamed up with CEWE to show you how to savour your travel memories with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK…


Choose your memories

The first step to creating your own CEWE PHOTOBOOK is to choose the memories you want to savour. These could be photos from a recent holiday or a selection of your favourite travel snaps from over the years. You can add your travel videos, too: simply insert the video into the photobook and a QR code will be generated so you can scan it and watch your memories come to life on your phone. If you’re still away on your travels and want to make your album on the road, download the free CEWE mobile app and you can create your book as you go.

Get creative

To get started, choose a travel-based theme from the many options available in the CEWE software before adding your photos. You could arrange images by destination or do a photo diary of your trip, creating a page for each day. Next, get creative with Clipart and use imagery to reinforce the theme that you chose. Adding maps is a great way to bring a travel-themed CEWE PHOTOBOOK to life. Choose from three types of map, enter the location and zoom in and out to get it just right, adding pinpoints for personalisation. You can even get creative with the shape and size of your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Choose from nine sizes and countless layouts, taking your pick of the type of paper. The layout of the photos can be added in so many different ways. Using one stunning photo across two pages, for example, with “layflat” binding really stands out, as does creating collage pages from smaller images. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your CEWE PHOTOBOOK will be of the highest quality, printed on the correct thickness of paper.

Tell a story

With so many design options, each CEWE PHOTOBOOK can be as unique and special as your travel experiences. Adding captions is a great way to tell a story with your photo book. You could add small notes to explain each image or add bigger blocks of text in a diary style. Or why not turn your photo album into a bespoke travel guide? From where to stay and where to eat, to those hidden travel spots you found, you can use your CEWE PHOTOBOOK to share all of the best bits of your favourite travel destinations. Make your CEWE PHOTOBOOK look extra special by adding embossed highlights: choose from colours such as gold, sliver and rose gold – the perfect finish.

Keep your travel memories alive with CEWE 

To celebrate the joy of travel and the importance of making new travel memories, Wanderlust has teamed up with CEWE to offer one lucky winner the chance to win two non-stop return flights from London to anywhere in the world, plus a £100 CEWE PHOTOBOOK voucher so you can savour the memories of your trip forever. For your chance to win, simply share your most treasured travel photo with us and tell us about the special memories it holds for you. This may be a photo from your very first adventure. It could be a picture from a humbling wildlife experience you had, such as going on safari and seeing a lion up close. For many, travel is all about adventure, so you might decide to share a photo and a memory of completing a challenge, such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or walking in the desert. For many, your favourite travel memory will be all about history and culture. Maybe you never forgot the first time you laid eyes on Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the Taj Mahal. Or perhaps your most treasured travel memory is simply a beautiful view: a sun setting over a calm sea, a thick mist settling on a forest, or a horizon of undulating peaks from the top of a mountain.

Whatever, whenever and wherever your favourite travel memory is, we want to know all about it! Make sure you send it to us for your chance to win a trip for two to anywhere in the world. Wherever you choose to go, armed with your £100 CEWE PHOTOBOOK voucher, you will be able to transform your travel adventure into a long-lasting and beautiful photo album to look back on, time and time again. As well as this incredible first prize, CEWE is also offering four more £100 CEWE vouchers to the runners up. 

About CEWE 

CEWE has won the award “Best Photo Print Service Worldwide” from the Technical Image Press Association five times, has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and are sustainably certified, meaning you can be sure that anything you decide to have printed with CEWE will be done in a carbon-neutral way. It is also the company behind the CEWE PHOTOBOOK, Europe’s number one photo book.

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How to enter

For your chance to win the #CEWEtravelmemory competition, send us your photo along with a description of what the photo is of, why it is your most treasured travel memory, and where you want to go in the world to make more travel memories. 

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