History of the World Guide Awards

Lyn Hughes, Editor-in-chief of Wanderlust, explains what the World Guide Awards are, and how they came about.

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Lyn Hughes remembers the life and times of her husband Paul Morrison, Wanderlust’s co-founder and publisher, who died on 1 December 2004.

I started Wanderlust in 1993 with my late husband Paul Morrison. We had the idea when bored on a long flight to South America and instantly started sketching out our dream travel magazine on the back of a sick bag.

Later we often argued about which of us was first to say: “We could do this ourselves!”, but it was indisputably Paul who, having ‘suffered’ from wanderlust for years, announced that there was only one name our travel magazine could have. As he was often quoted: “Once you’ve got wanderlust in your blood, you’ve got it for life.”

Since losing his battle with cancer in December 2004, the magazine has remained a testament to Paul’s passion for travel. But Paul cared so much about the important things in life that I wanted to create a legacy that would benefit others.

Paul was passionate about the importance of good guides and the difference they can make to your travels – “I need someone to bring this to life for me,” was his common declaration. And it seems he wasn’t alone.

Since launching the Wanderlust World Guide Awards in 2006 we’ve had an incredible response from our readers, all eager to tell us about a safari guide, sherpa or expedition leader who has gone beyond the call of duty to help travellers experience the true essence of a country.

The previous finalists have been an exceptional bunch – Paul would have liked and admired them all. I’ve travelled with many of them since, and it has been an honour to do so.

“I always come alive when I travel,” Paul often said. I hope his passion for travel can live on in these awards.

Lyn Hughes
Wanderlust co-founder and Paul Morrison’s wife

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