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Want to reach the Wanderlust audience?

We offer a whole range of cost-effective options, including:

- print advertising (still the best way to build a brand)

- online advertising (incl rich media ads)

- sponsorship

- content marketing campaigns

- Affiliate partnerships

- Tripfinder

- Hot Offers

- Multiplatform creative solutions (see for case studies)

We know what works and what doesn't, and we want to help you find the right solution, so please discuss with us. To find out more,

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Why Wanderlust magazine?

There are many magazines that cover travel, but only one that is dedicated entirely to the needs and aspirations of the adventurous and special-interest travel consumer. The readership is diverse – ranging from 25- to 35-year-old single people seeking activity-based adventure holidays to mature, empty-nesters looking for soft-adventure and cultural experiences.

Print advertising is still one of the most effective forms of marketing around. As the phrase goes, "People surf the net but they swim in magazines." Wanderlust readers devour every issue, reading it from front to back, and typically keep all the back issues too.


Six key points about the Wanderlust readership:

  1. Affluent – 95.8% ABC1; 60% AB... so you know they can afford quality.
  2. Active travellers – 96% of readers spend two weeks or more travelling each year. They take around 250,000 trips a year between them.
  3. All ages – from 25 to 65 and either sex – so you can target the group that suits your market.
  4. Diverse travel interests – they are interested in cultural, wildlife and outdoor activities... so they are receptive to new frontiers and new products.
  5. 90% of readers stated that Wanderlust has directly influenced their travel plans and 91% of readers retain every copy for reference.
  6. Over 90% of our readers keep every issue, and will refer back, meaning that the responses keep on coming in.

Why advertise on

The Wanderlust website relaunched in July 2010, and is growing rapidly. Not only do many Wanderlust magazine readers visit the site, but tens of thousands of other users too. As of January 2011, the number of registered users alone was 56,000. As of March 2015, we were receiving around 260,000 unique visitors per month.

Opportunities online include:

-  Display advertising, including rich media ads

-  Content marketing: we can use our experienced and award-winning writers to produce engaging, compelling content in an dedicated campaign that mixes top quality editorial content with your key messages

-  Sponsorship of destination or experience guides

-  Hot Offers

- Travel Jobs 

-  Marketplace (TripFinder, TripWizard and our tour operator directory)

-  Special projects: microsites; digital guides; social media campaigns; video. Tell us what you are trying to achieve and we'll suggest how to best achieve it.

Wanderlust works!

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