Wildlife Trails

Wildlife Trails started organising bespoke tiger safaris back in India in 1999. The owner of the company, a biologist, spent 3 months in India in 1997 visiting many of the most famous tiger sanctuaries and observed wildlife tours, with large groups of wildlife enthusiasts 'rushed' around India, ticking off species, without taking the time to really appreciate the stunning country they were travelling through. Convinced there was a better way to organise tiger safaris, he started Tiger Trails in 1999; offering 'slow safaris' and tailor-made Indian wildlife tours to suit individual aspirations and budgets. These wildlife tours were an instant hit with our discerning clients and led to our expanision into Nepal, Sri Lanka and Canada in the following years

We now offer bespoke wildlife safaris around the world, from our incredibly popular bear safaris in Canada and Alaska to our Gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. All these locations have been personally reccied by the owners of the company and in some cases our senior managers actually lived for many years in the wildlife destination we promote. Our love and respect for both wildlife and the indigenous people living close to the sanctuaries shines through in everything we do. The award of 5 stars from AITO for our sustainable tourism work around the world and our ongoing support of Tourism Concern, shows that you can be successful and ethical at the same time.

We believe in fair pricing for our clients and in recent years have challenged the African safari market to provide more affordable safaris for their clients. Too many companies promote the same high end lodges whose pricing is only affordable to the very rich. Clients have been amazed at the cost of our Zambia and Botswana safaris and have enjoyed reading through the great variety of trips we offer there; from small group wild camping safaris to great value mid-range private lodge based safaris.

Whatever the destination, even if it is not yet on out website, please ring us on our freephone number or drop us an email; you will be amazed at our knowledge and delighted that the variety of wildlife tours and safaris offer.