Wild Frontiers

Wild Frontiers is an award-winning adventure travel company specialising in stylish and original small group tours and tailor-made holidays to some of the most interesting & exciting countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Founded in 2002 by acclaimed adventure travel writer, Jonny Bealby, on the premise of developing 'a company run by travellers for travellers', our reputation has been forged by creating exciting itineraries that combine true off-the-beaten-track travel with a unique blend of luxury and adventure.

Encouraging fascinating cross-cultural interaction, we uncover the lives of the people as well as exploring their landscape, history, culture and cuisine, and ultimately leave our clients with the unforgettable experience of having journeyed beneath each region's surface and discovered the heartbeat within.

Our ethos is to help adventurous souls get to incredible and inaccessible places in safety and as much comfort as local conditions allow. We are firm believers that travelling is all about the experience and it’s the details that make the trip – we specialise in drawing on our own extensive local knowledge and array of contacts to give our clients the very best experience possible.

We concentrate on the locations we know and love, don’t subcontract our trips, nor do we run the same tour over and over, thus creating a ‘tourist circuit’, spoiling an untouched region.

Our style is all about exploration, and nothing excites us more than opening up new routes to genuine travellers. We keep abreast of new destinations and are often the first to return to places that have vanished from the tourist map.

We were the first back into Pakistan after 9/11, the first to return to Kashmir after a decade of tourist isolation, and the first to run a commercial travel trip to Afghanistan for almost 30 years. Since then we have helped bring Colombia, Yemen and Georgia back into the tourist fold, with our reconnaissance trips and imaginative expeditions.