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Labrador - Torngat Mountains Explorer

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Holiday overview

Torngat Mountains National Park is situated at the northern tip of Labrador, Canada's newest national treasure - a stunning combination of wilderness seacoast, surreal turquoise lakes and towering fjords. But this destination and its treasures are age old to Inuit, whose stories and language speak of this land - its wildlife, its spirits, its mysteries and its legends. And now, thanks to the creation of a seasonal base camp operation and research station, you can experience the Torngats first hand. Imagine being able to see polar bears during the summer months – A Once in a lifetime experience not to be missed!

Holiday itinerary

Days 1-2: UK to Halifax

Stay: Shadow Lawn Inn (Superior)

Day 3: Halifax to Goose Bay

Today take a flight from Halifax to Goose Bay located in the central part of Labrador on the coast of Lake Melville and the Churchill River, If time allows make a visit to the Labrador Military Museum or the quirky Northern Lights Museum.

Stay: Hotel North, Goose Bay (Superior)

Days 4-7: Goose Bay to Saglek to Torngat Mountains Base Camp & Research Station

This morning take the flight from Goose Bay to Saglek where you will connect to a helicopter transfer to Torngat Mountains Base Camp & Research Station, your accommodation for four nights.

Whilst staying at base camp you will have an option of three experiences from the range below


In the 1970s, Hebron was declared a National Historic Site. The remaining Moravian building represents one of the most historically significant mission‐built structures in the province, and is the oldest mission building in North America. The significance of Hebron, however, goes beyond this designation, and it remains a very special place to many Labrador Inuit. During the summer months, the Nunatsiavut Government employs previous residents to reside in Hebron and provide visitors with guided tours. Hebron is reached by boat, zodiac or helicopter from Base Camp.

North Arm

North Arm, one of the jewels of Torngat Mountains National Park. This excursion takes you through a narrow and majestic fjord with 3000 foot verticals on either side. You will then hike to the beautiful waterfalls and a lake with a stunning sandy beach and incredible indigo‐blue water. North Arm also offers a glimpse into the past with many remnants of ancient Inuit food caches and blinds made from stone where Inuit used to wait for caribou. There are also traces of an Arctic char weir fishery. Arctic Char is in great abundance at this river head and is caught right on the beach and cooked the traditional Inuit way, on flat stones over an open fire. This precious resource attracts black bears and the occasional polar bear.  You can get to North Arm from Base Camp by Passenger Boat, by zodiac or by helicopter.

Sallikuluk (Rose Island)

Sallikuluk is a focal point of the Inuit cultural landscape in Saglek Fjord. Deeply layered archaeological sites span more than 5000 years of occupation and are an important part of understanding the human history of the Torngat Mountains. Although relatively small in size, the island has traces of two villages of sod houses, numerous individual graves, and a mass reburial site. In the recent past, Sallikuluk was home to Inuit who hunted whales and seals in the cold and ice‐packed waters of the Labrador Sea. Sallikuluk's spectacular natural setting and rich cultural resources create a tangible sense of place. The significance of this special island, dwarfed by the spectacular cliff faces that rise from Saglek Fjord, is evident in the stories told by Inuit Elders who cherish the island as important landscape to be protected for future generations. For these Inuit, Sallikuluk is an essential place from which and about which they can share their stories, which are often sparked by emotional reunions with the land where they and their ancestors once lived. A visit to Sallikuluk will give you a unique opportunity to see the physical traces of Inuit settlement on the land and hear important Inuit stories that will deepen your understanding of the cultural landscape that surrounds you. Accessible by boat from Base Camp.

Nachvak Brook

Nachvak Brook is a spectacular excursion that will take you to the north side of the Saglek Fiord. Here, you will see the beginning of the 100‐year‐old Inuit trail that once connected the Inuit of Ungava Bay to the Inuit of Labrador. A short hike along the trail will bring you to a large inukshuk that has marked the significance of the trail for decades. Each year, local Inuit check on the stability of the inukshuk as it has become a favourite place for bears to scratch their backs. Nachvak Brook is also home to many of the Inuit from the area and you can walk with some of the people who were born there. Fish are in great abundance at the mouth of the brook and you are likely to see black bears fishing there as well. The banks are a great area for denning and wolves have been spotted scavenging along the river as well as fishing for char or snatching leftovers from bears. Nachvak Brook is easily accessible by boat or helicopter from Base Camp 


Ramah is one of the most significant historical sites in northern Labrador and has one of the most accessible outcrops of a distinctive stone called Ramah Chert. This stone has been linked to the economic and spiritual needs of many of the ancestral Inuit who lived in Labrador before the arrival of the Europeans in the 18th Century. Ramah Chert has been found in ceremonial contexts at Native American sites as far away as New England, the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes. The history of the distribution of this stone is one of the most intriguing examples of long‐distance exchange in ancient North America. Ramah is situated further north into the park and is best accessible by passenger boat.

Day 8: Saglek to Goose Bay

Stay: Hotel North, Goose Bay (Superior)

Day 9: Goose Bay to Halifax

Day 10: Halifax to UK

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