Undiscovered Destinations

As travellers explore further afield and the world becomes more familiar, we are proud to offer small group tours and adventure holidays to regions where local culture is at its most vibrant, where you won’t bump into masses of other visitors, and where you can get a real sense of exploration.

  • Our range of small group adventure tours and tailor made adventure holidays have been carefully researched to provide exciting and groundbreaking travel experiences. Most of our itineraries and even many of our destinations are offered by no other UK companies.
  • As a small and independent company we offer a truly personalised service, and when you call us you can be sure that you will be talking to someone dedicated to helping you get the most from your travels.
  • We don’t aim to provide the cheapest tours available as we believe that this rarely does justice to the places visited. What we do concentrate on is ensuring that our tours contain the very best elements of the region we’re travelling through, whether that be a well known highlight or a hidden gem tucked away that few get to see.
  • We are an award winning tour operator. In 2014 we won a silver in the British Travel Awards 'Best Escorted Adventure Holiday Company' category and we have been awarded with a Wanderlust Magazine 'Top Tour Operator' certificate, having come 10th out of over 400 entries in both 2014 and 2016.


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Our top 22 trips

Iran - Treasures of Ancient Persia (15 days)

From: £2795.00

This small group tour will uncover the mysteries of one of the world’s most enigmatic and misunderstood countries.

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Indonesia - Sulawesi Explorer (15 Days)

From: £2345.00

Visit the highland region of Tanah Toraja to witness its unique customs, look for unusual wildlife, see the incredible ‘hanging graves’ and visit picturesque national parks on our small group t...

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Iraq - Highlights of Kurdistan (8 Days)

From: £2310.00

An introduction to the 'other Iraq' - the northern region of Kurdistan. On this small group tour discover a world of picturesque villages, ancient cities and welcoming people.

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Bangladesh Discovery (15 days)

From: £2565.00

ABTA/ATOL/AITO Member. Bangladesh represents a truly undiscovered corner of Asia, one where few travellers visit. We have 14 years of experience in group tours in Bangladesh.

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Eritrea Discovery (10 Days)

From: £2745.00

A fantastic insight to this little visited corner of Africa, this small group tour allows you to discover the highlights of the country.

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Ethiopia - Omo Valley Explorer (14 Days)

From: £2565.00

A small group tour to the remote tribes of Ethiopia's deep south, with distinct cultures and fascinating traditions that have long since died out elsewhere.

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Chad - Soul of the Sahara (17 Days)

From: £3299.00

Travel through the wilds of Chad on our small group tour, spending time in the amazing Ennedi Mountains. An adventure like no other.

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The Heart of the Silk Road (15 Days)

From: £2785.00

The legendary Silk Road occupies a mythical place in the imaginations of travellers, a remote region through which countless traders journeyed. Follow in their footsteps on this small group tour.

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Burma - Beyond the Tourist Trail (15 Days)

From: £1979.00

This tour really goes beyond the tourist trail! take a spiritual Shwedagon tour, to the Shan villages, local schools, and the grave of the first prince of Hsipaw

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Chad - Peaks of the Tibesti (21 days)

From: £4199.00

A small group tour that travels to the remote Tibesti Mountains in the north of Chad, to explore dramatic peaks, including the Sahara's highest mountain, and meet the Tubu people living here.

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Turkmenistan Encompassed (15 Days)

From: £2830.00

On the edge of the Silk Road and with a rich history stretching back millennia, Turkmenistan is a land that few know much about. Join this small group tour on a journey of discovery and diversity.

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Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan - Along the Pamir Highway (16 Days)

From: £2445.00

A small group tour through the mountainous heart of Central Asia, along the legendary Pamir Highway between Dushanbe and Bishkek. Explore ancient Silk Road forts and stay with remote communities.

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The Kingdom of Swaziland Explored (12 Days)

From: £2549.00

You will find Swaziland is a welcoming Kingdom with wonderfully stunning landscapes, friendly people and up close and personal wildlife sightings.

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Sudan - Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs (8 Days)

From: £2299.00

Uncover Sudan’s ancient history on a surprising group journey that takes you to remote pyramids, ancient temples and royal monuments.

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Secrets of Madagascar (17 Days)

From: £2595.00

Experience this enigmatic island continent on our small group tour. Explore the little visited west and the rock formations of Tsingy de Bemaraha before encountering Madagascar's unique wildlife.

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Georgia and Armenia - Caucasus Discovery (16 Days)

From: £2245.00

A small group tour in to some of Europe's most remote and intriguing villages in the mystical region of Svaneti, hidden away in the high mountains of the Caucasus.

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Algeria - Desert and History (12 days)

From: £2889.00

Explore the history and culture of Algeria, with French charm and influences ranging from the Romans and the Turkish, through to the older, indigenous culture of the Berbers.

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Congo - Odzala Discovery

From: £6975.00

Explore the towering forests, crystal-clear streams and expansive open savannah of north-west Congo: track western lowland gorillas through pristine rainforest on our Odzala Discovery tour.

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Haiti - Land of Mountains (12 Days)

From: £2325.00

Explore the cultural centre of the Caribbean. On our small group tour visit imposing fortresses, wander through delightful old towns and delve into the secrets of voodoo.

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Romania - The Land that Time Forgot (14 Days)

From: £2445.00

Explore medieval Europe on a this small group tour through the fortified cities of Transylvania and the delightful rural villages of Viscri and Sibiel.

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Namibia Encompassed (15 Days)

From: £3599.00

Experience dramatic scenery and wildlife as we explore the Kalahari, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland and the famous Etosha National Park. Meet the Himba people learning about their way of life.

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Somaliland Uncovered (8 Days)

From: £1825.00

Discover the unknown delights of Somaliland, an unrecognised state with much to offer the Africa enthusiast. A small group tour to enjoy the experience of treading where few others have gone before.

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